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Ask a Barber: How to Get the Men's Hairstyle You Want

Famed stylist helps you achieve your best cut yet

By Brittany Hammonds | Oct 27 2015

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Getting a haircut – not a trim or a buzzcut – but a full adult men’s hairstyle tends to require more preparation before your stylist gets snipping. If you’re in the market for a hairstyle change or update, your keys to success will lie within your due diligence at the salon. To make this process a breeze we chatted famed stylist and founder of V76, Vaughn Acord, to find out how to get the hairstyle you want.

As one of the most sought-after men’s groomer, Acord has become an authority in grooming and hairstyling for a loyal list of top tier clients. His love of grooming started young and as carried throughout his new range of men’s grooming products, V76 by Vaughn.

How to get the men’s hairstyle you want:


Think of a consultation as a first date. You wouldn’t bring a date home to meet the family before initially meeting, right? Same goes for your new style, guys. Unless you panic and buzz it off after the cut, chances are your new haircut will be around for a while – so know what you’re getting into first. To get started, ask your stylist about their experience with hair like yours and if they’ve done cuts similar to the one you’d like. 


If your stylist suggests a tapered nape but you’d prefer a blocked neckline, let them know. Or utilize the simplest shortcut there is: bring in a photo or three to show exactly what you want. Your stylist and your new hairstyle will thank you. According to Vaughn, “Terminology often gets foggy between a client and stylist when you’re discussing a haircut. A photograph gets you right to the point. If you’re very specific, a photo gets the stylist there immediately.”


Learn which styles your specific hair texture can and can’t handle.It’s the one thing you can’t fight. If you choose to, it requires work and maintenance,” says Vaughn. This is where the pros (stylists) come in. Let your stylist teach you about how your hair naturally falls and how your texture can be styled so you’re prepared to make an educated decision.


Be upfront with your stylist – and yourself – about how much time you’re willing to spend on your hair each day. If you want to complete your full grooming routine in five minutes flat before heading out the door, then a pompadour probably isn’t your best bet. We have full faith that you’re able to achieve the look you’re after…as long as you’re willing put forth just enough effort.


Are you proficient with a blow dryer? Do you prefer to run a comb through your hair or use your hands to style your mane? Before landing on a desired hairstyle, chat with your stylist about what’s actually required to make that style happen. A slicked-back look may seem simple enough, but if you have to fight against your natural wave that could add to your overall grooming time each day.


Stylists can often move fast and furious when it comes to the haircut itself. Don’t hesitate to have them pause and answer your questions while they’re styling. They’re the pros, right? Vaughn confirms, “It’s important to learn how to use product so that you can replicate the look when you leave the salon. When building a relationship with a stylist, the client should be able to call and check in with how the cut is going.” It’s great to have a solid relationship with your stylist, but it may be better to get tricks on how to achieve the look when you’re in the chair so you’re not stressing two days later while doing your hair at 6am.

Vaughn’s top do’s and don’ts:

  • Do seek out someone that is rocking a great haircut and ask them who does it.
  • Do go in for a consultation – take the time to go in and talk about the new change. If the stylist doesn’t get it, maybe he isn’t for you.
  • Don’t follow trends too directly.
  • Don’t get a stylist that doesn’t suit your lifestyle.
  • Don’t get a style that can’t be versatile – it should take you day to night, uptown to downtown.
  • Don’t object to advice – if you’re stylist cautions against a style, it’s probably for the best.



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