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Reader Question: How To Tame My Unruly Hair

By Megan Collins | Mar 4 2013

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Today’s reader question comes from Kalen, who manages to totally neg my alma mater while asking for advice. Well done Kalen:

“I live in po’dunk.  Not po’dunk like Penn State, more like drive two hours North of Penn State into the middle of nowhere po’dunk.  My ‘salon’ options are limited so I don’t know who to ask this question to.

I have always used Got2B Glued hair gel since college.  In my 20’s, it gave me that ‘thick and stuck’ look that was cool 10 years ago (maybe it wasn’t cool).  Well now that I am transitioning into my 30’s, I don’t want the ‘I just went to the club look’.  I especially don’t want the ‘I just got out of the club look’, which is what my hair looks like sometimes at the end of the day.

The problem is that with most hair product, I have to have my hair wet to get it evenly distributed.  The result is that after it dries it is hard and then I touch it and you can see where it isn’t ‘gelled’ anymore.  If I don’t put any gel in, my hair turns into a frizz ball.

What should I be using that will make my hair look managed and controlled, but not stiff and wet?  I don’t think I could go so far as to use a blow dryer, so lets say that is not a possibility right now.”

Great question, and great that Kalen is looking to upgrade the elements that go into his personal style. I think some guys (and us ladies too) can get stuck in the mode of “Well, this is what I’ve always worn/where I’ve always shopped/what I’ve always done/etc” so it’s great to see that cycle being broken. Go Kalen.

Not that I have anything against drugstore brands; I have a lot of them in my own bathroom cabinet. I just have a problem with companies who spell their product names like a tween who just got a cell phone.

When it comes to hair gunk for guys, I do have one tried and true product I see as a total wonder drug. I think you guys know this by now, but when I was a mere eighteen years old, I moved here to NYC to live and work for a year before heading on to college in PA. While on my self-imposed gap year, I worked the front desk at the salon Bumble & bumble, and in that time, I totally drank the kool-aid on the company’s line of hair products.

Which is why I recommend Sumotech to guys all the time.

What’s great about it is that it’s not a wax, so it’s not sticky or tacky-feeling, not a paste, so it doesn’t get too stiff, and not a creme meaning it’s actually got some solid hold to it.

I remember when I was working at the salon, they had this little party the morning that it launched, and they kept reinforcing that sumotech had “memory,” meaning you could style your hair with it in the morning, then kind of move it around later in the day without having to add more product. Because I ran the front desk and wasn’t a stylist, I didn’t get to actually put it to the test with anyone’s hair but was always curious. When I finally had a boyfriend in college with a big ol’ mess of hair, I bought him a jar and  found that, yup, that’s exactly how it worked. He could put it on for class in the morning, then push it back for a basketball game, without it getting brittle (or worse – melting down his face during a game).

Anyways, all that to say: Sumotech is pretty much my go-to suggestion for guys, and works for like, 90 % of dudes I recommend it to.

Bu-u-u-u-u-t, seeing as I don’t have any formal training in hair, I thought I’d go to the experts before spouting off nonsense to Kalen. So I checked in with Nico Aceves, a Bb stylist at my old stomping grounds.

He had this to say:

My immediate response is Grooming Creme plus Sumotech. The Grooming Creme can help keep from turning his hair into a frizz ball because of its natural oils and moisturizing aspect. The Sumotech will help with definition, manageability and control without it looking stiff and wet.”


I am a doctor of hair. Can I get some letters after my name? Megan Collins, S.G., K.H.S (Knower of Hair Stuff).






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