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Reader Question

Reader Questions: Perfect White Tee, In-Between Shoes, and How a Polo Should Fit

By Megan Collins | Aug 20 2012

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Kaz asks:

What is the best white v-neck out there?  I’ve bough Uniqlos, Stafford, and others but the materials are just too thin or the cut isn’t right.  I was thinking about buying the Hanes signature v-neck or J.Crew.

I think you’re headed in the right direction! Just like how Maybelline Great Lash Mascara has been around forever and always gets “Best Mascara” accolades in beauty mag polls (oh wait, you are a guy and that’s a totally unhelpful comparison? sorry, but just trust me it always does), sometimes you just have to accept that a classic is a classic for a reason.

To wear as an undershirt, I’d go Hanes or Calvin Klein. They’re tried-and-true standards, and – at only slightly different price points – both totally affordable. If you’re looking to wear yours around town, you may want to upgrade to J.Crew (whose tees are, like, crazy stupid soft) or Everlane, who’s also quickly cornering the market on “Are you sure you didn’t buy this ten years ago?” broken-in shirts.

1. Everlane, $15

2. Hanes, $28 for 3-pack (on sale)

3. Calvin Klein, $38 for 3-pack


David says:

Hi Megan. I’ve recently come across your blog via Put This On and have seen, again and to my further dismay, that flip-flops are a faux pas. I’m heartbroken!

My real question, though, comes from the fact that I wear boots 8+ hours a day as part of my job, and through most of our cold Minnesota winters. Lighter shoes feel funny to me and I always feel like I’m stomping too hard when I wear Vans or tennis shoes. Is there a happy medium between clunky boots and flappy flip-flops?

Another PTO reader! Welcome! Glad to have you. Apologies in advance for using the word “like” in place of a comma more than Jesse would, like, EVER feel comfortable with.

And yes, there’s definitely a good go-between shoe that falls between heavy-duty work boots and lightweight sneakers – the desert boot!

{Clarks, $82}

Also known as a chukka, this shoe is my favorite “up your shoe game stat” recco. It’s as comfortable as a tennis shoe, can be worn with jeans or dressed up with slacks, and it shows you’re on top of your style game.

Read more about my take on the desert boot here and here.

Carl asks:

My polo shirt collection needs a breath of fresh air! But even with a designer like Ralph Lauren, size medium encompasses quite a spectrum of fit.  So when I’m trying on shirts, how do I know when a it’s too baggy, or when it’s to tight?

P.S. Your article on how to size a pair of shorts saved me in that department!


Polo shirts really do vary wildly when it comes to fit, so you’ll probably have to put in some leg work on this one.

Personally, I really like it when a guy wears a polo shirt that fits him snugly through the chest and biceps. It shouldn’t look painted on all the way to the waist – that’s when you’re getting into Jack LaLanne territory – but I love a guy unafraid to wear a shirt that fits him well. Of course, this cuts across all style lines – clothes that fit close to the body always make you look better than clothes you’re swimming in.

Also, if you’re going to wear a polo, go all the way and get one in a “pique polo” material. You know the kind, thicker material, with an almost hole-y weave (which allows the thicker material to breathe). I just think it looks better than polo shirts that are made in more of a t-shirt material. If you’re going to wear a t-shirt, wear a t-shirt. If you’re going to wear a polo, wear a polo.

I can see how shopping for this kind of shirt can get confusing, though. Doing a quick search for polos online, I found four styles from Original Penguin alone (the Jack, the Earl Heritgage, the Basic Slub, and the Daddy-O). Look at the images online to find a style you like, and take advantage of the “zoom” feature that most e-commerce sites have these days, so you can really see the fabric.

Look for words like “Trim” and “Slim” (and obviously “pique”) in the product description, and you’re more likely to find to find something you’re not swimming in.

1. J.Crew: $40 (on sale, 2 for $65)

2. Lacoste: $98

3. Original Penguin: $59


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