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Discover 5 Things Women Want To See you Wearing

plus more men’s style tips, tricks and shortcuts - all from the female perspective

Sorry, I'm just not that into you
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The SG Holiday Wish List 2012: Your Amazing (Style) Girlfriend

By Gabi Meyers | Nov 22 2012

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Intern Gabi: Present! This week I’m taking the reins so Megan can have a week of serious R&R with a heaping plate of turkey and other feast-ivities. To prepare you for the upcoming holiday season, each day this week I will share a wish list catered to a different woman in your life. I know shopping isn’t your favorite hobby, so we did the heavy lifting for you.

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Other than a mistletoe kiss – this is what your girlfriend wants, straight from the lips of your Style Girlfriend:

1. Little Black Dress, $420

Megan says:

“I’m always at a loss at what to wear when a special occasion presents itself, and usually wind up borrowing something from a friend. I’d love to have a classic LBD (little black dress) in my closet that’s ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.
And it would make me feel beautiful to know you wanted to see me wearing it. (Bonus present: a date night going somewhere to wear it).”

The best way to go about choosing an LBD for your GF is to do some investigative research in her closet. Look for repeating brands and styles (scoopneck or v-neck? straps or no straps? tight everywhere or flowy after the waist?). Take a picture of her favorite one and bring it with you shopping.

2. Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s earrings, $9

Megan says:

“I have a weird thing about my ears – namely that I think they’re humongous. A totally unfounded fear, but it nevertheless means that I’m comfortable only in stud earrings – none of those chandeliers dangly types for me. I like these because they’re feminine without feeling too girly.”

You can get stud earrings pretty cheap, so if you want to take this present to the next level, get her a bunch of pairs, and an earring holder. I know, you’re thinking, “Those exist?!” Yes, they do. Here’s an easy one you can make in literally 2 seconds.

3. Chanel bag

Megan says:

“Whatever this is my gift guide and I’ll ask for what I want.”

Ok, we can’t argue with that kind of logic, but I’ll try to rationalize it anyway. If you want to tell the woman in your life “I love you…but I’m not ready to pop the question,” buy her a really, really nice bag. She’ll know right away what’s not coming (ring boxes and bag boxes are very different sizes), and will be too distracted by purse lust to be disappointed she won’t be hitched by this time next year.

Have no clue what purse she wants? Volunteer to go shopping with her! Park by a department store so you have to go in, and just see wherever she stops, stares and/or drools. If she picks anything up and looks at it like she wants to eat it, that’s a good indicator.

4. Nike FlyKnits, $150

Megan says:

“You want me to stay in shape. I want to look cute doing it. These sneaks from Nike help on both fronts.”

Feel free to throw a couple of cute pairs of socks as stocking stuffers!

5. Burberry Body Eau de Parfum,$75

Megan says:

“I stumbled onto this fragrance earlier this year, and am thinking I’ll stick with it for awhile. Apart from the image of Rosie Huntington-Whitley in the ad campaign in her barely-there trench making me feel less than sexy when I spritz it on while running out the door in leggings and sneakers, I like it a lot.”

If your girl is like me and uses whichever perfume sample is at her disposal, find her a signature scent! Find one that you like, and she’ll always wear it around you. Just don’t get the largest size bottle, in case you have different tastes – or, in this case, smells.

6. Lululemon pants $98

Megan says:

“Look, I am going to wear sweatpants. That is just a given. If we’ve been together long enough that you’ve seen me in my pajamas, then you should know by now it’s in your interest to at least ensure what I’m wearing is cute. I’ve never owned Lululemon – they’re the Aston Martin of yoga pants! – so hook me up with some fancy pants, and I’ll return the favor by wearing them instead of my ratty sweats I got freshman year of college with the droopy butt.”

Really though, there is no argument; it’s a win-win.

If you want to browse more presents ideas for this lovely lady, check out the Style Girlfriend’s Lyst and The Fancy for Your Amazing (Style) Girlfriend.

Do you know what you want this year? Share your visual wishlist with us in the comments or on Polyvore, and we’ll feature it on the Style Girlfriend Pinterest Page.