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Discover 5 Things Women Want To See you Wearing

plus more men’s style tips, tricks and shortcuts - all from the female perspective

Sorry, I'm just not that into you

Top 5 Favorite Videos on the Style Girlfriend YouTube Channel

Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to subscribe to her YouTube channel

By Megan Collins | Apr 20 2017

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At the risk of sounding super thirsty, I would love love LOVE it if you guys could do me a collective solid and go tap that subscribe button on the SG Youtube channel.

Okay, I more than risked it…that did sound super thirsty, but here’s the thing: if we can tick that count up to 10k (not an unrealistic goal), our team will gain access to YouTube’s New York Creators’ space, which offers resources to folks making videos online like Style Girlfriend. We’ll be able to use their state-of-the-art production resources, including sets, cameras, lighting, and production equipment…all at no charge.

I’m going to level with you. Making videos that I’m proud of and really want to share with you guys ain’t cheap, and it ain’t easy, so being able to take advantage of this amazing space would help us make more video, more quickly. Total game-changer.

And I promise that if you do subscribe, you won’t be inundated with notifications from us. I’m subscribed to like ten channels and I swear I only get emails when one or two of ‘em put up a new video, so there must be a way to turn the notifications off altogether.

Really, following SG on Youtube is just like following us on Twitter or Facebook, except even easier, with lower commitment and you never have to hear what I think about the new Kendrick Lamar album (probably?) ((for the record, I love it)).

To convince you, take a look at my five favorite Style Girlfriend videos and the stories behind them. Then (after subscribing!), tell me in the comments below what you want to see more of on the Style Girlfriend Youtube channel.


One of our most viewed videos to date, though not to unanimous praise. Apparently saying that a man bun doesn’t necessarily belong on a grown man’s head can elicit a …strong response.


We shot some really fun man on the street questions sort of on the fly at last summer’s Veuve Clicquot polo match across the river in Jersey (everything is legal in New Jersey). Want to know whether ladies in funny hats want to see men in funny hats? Watch this video.


A round of “Would you Rather” with Polly Rodriguez for a podcast we recorded with the Unbound founder.

I love this mostly because we talked about Old Fashioned’s and got to answer the age-old question: who doesn’t love Harry Potter? (Monsters, that’s who.)

(listen to that podcast here!


We partnered with Rogaine again this year (watch last year’s video here, and shout out Rogaine! Guys, don’t be ashamed of taking steps to improve your appearance and regain your confidence!)

…Where was I? Oh right, this is the first in a series with me and my older brother and sister talking about family traits we’re getting ahead of. For my brother, it’s thinning hair; for me, it’s about being a less insane control freak. Hey, we all have our demons, right?


Our most recent offering on the ol’ YouTube. Watch as team SG weighs in on their favorite looks to see guys wearing. No surprise, the answers were all over the place. Hitha loves seeing her husband in a suit sans tie, while Taylor’s got a possibly unhealthy henley addiction.

Which is exactly what I love about Style Girlfriend. Sure, there are a few universal truths we can offer: fit is key, quality is king, but from there? It’s up to you to take our advice, decide what you like, discard the rest, and build a wardrobe you feel like a million bucks wearing.

Tell me:

What kind of videos do you want to see on our YouTube channel? (Wo)man on the street? Team SG sounding off? Instructional vids? Let us know!

Let's move this to your inbox, shall we?