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Welcome to the ALL-NEW Style Girlfriend!


By Megan Collins | Mar 17 2014

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Guys. Guys! GUYS!

Welcome to the new and improved Style Girlfriend website. Starting today, you’ll be enjoying a cleaner, more elegant, and hopefully more useful site experience. While I’m so proud of what we created with the last iteration of SG, there was only so far it could go (being a customized template that my shady developer’s sub-contractor tried to blackmail me for doing then not getting paid).

Because of that kind of horrible experience, and because the site has grown beyond its origins, I employed an amazing designer (and good pal!) to help me make the newest incarnation something you guys will be proud to have up on your desktop at work, at home, or on the go.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?!



You’ll find some fun new goodies up top, including a way better-looking slider bar, enticing you to explore different parts of the new site, as well as links to the Style Girlfriend YouTube page and the Essentials section (more on that below). Of course, you can always dig right into the day’s contents just by scrolling down.

The Essentials

The question I get asked most frequently by readers is, “What do I absolutely need in my wardrobe?” So it made sense to create a section for the new SG that’s a constant presence on the site that tells you guys exactly that.

But upon further dissection, I felt it was important to break those “must’s” out a little further because what a 35-year old engineer and dad of three needs in his closet is not totally the same as what a 19-year old with a part-time internship needs in his. So I’ve divided this section into four categories: Work, School, Weekend, and Formal. This will help you get the list you need for your closet. Whether you’re headed off to your freshman year, or to your friend’s wedding, you’ll be covered in The Essentials.

Outfit inspiration

I wanted a way to bring you guys easily shoppable looks without you having to wait for an outfit post for just that specific occasion you’re looking for an idea about. This section will serve as a sartorial light bulb, constantly shining bright over your well-coiffed heads. Even better? It’ll be updated regularly, so you’ll never find yourself scrolling through archives again for the perfect look (unless you want to, which I highly encourage!)

The Forum

This was something I was super excited about when it was first launched, but quickly realized I let you guys down in terms of the user experience. The new forum will hopefully feel more streamlined and easy to use, facilitating even more great conversation among readers old and new. So get in there and get chatty.


No mind-shattering change here, just an easier, faster way to find the content you want. I still have no idea why, but the search bar on my old site was totally wacked out. Now, you’ll be able to dive straight into the archives of the category you’re interested in via the features drop down, or search for it in the new and improved search bar.


The areas of home, fitness, and travel will continue to get built up on SG, since, as it says on the landing page, style is so much more than just clothes. I really believe that a well-rounded sense of personal style touches upon everything from the meals you cook at home, to the work you put in at the gym, to the effort you make to “live like a local” while traveling. I want the site to reflect that, and this area will help along that expansion.


If my google analytics are to be believed (and really, why wouldn’t they be? it’s not like they’ve been caught stealing money from my purse…LATELY), a lot of you guys are reading Style Girlfriend on a mobile device. Whether you’re pulling up the site from a browser’s bookmark, or accessing articles from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more, you’ve probably noticed that the experience hasn’t been exactly..pretty. That’s certainly changing for the better in this iteration, although I’m committed to continually improving upon it as we go along.

….On all of the above, I ask for your patience as we work out kinks that I’m sure will come to the surface as you guys pressure test the new Style Girlfriend, and also for your feedback. This site is for you, so I want to hear from you. What works for you, what doesn’t, what’s missing, and – of course – what you love. Maybe start with that last bit and work backwards, ‘k?

Tell me:

What would you like to see more of from Style Girlfriend? Ideas for new series? Videos? Lay it on me in the comments!

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