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Discover 5 Things Women Want To See you Wearing

plus more men’s style tips, tricks and shortcuts - all from the female perspective

Sorry, I'm just not that into you

Best of 2016: What Women Want

Getting real about the ladies

By Brittany Hammonds | Dec 14 2016

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We finally did it, guys. This year, we’re pulling all of Style Girlfriend’s guy’s style advice, grooming, lifestyle, and dating favorites into one place (we know, we can’t believe it took so long either). Check back each week for a roundup of our top hits from 2016…

While we’re still in the midst of debating 2016’s album of year*, tying a bow on our favorite holiday gifts, and betting on what’s in or out for 2017, the Style Girlfriend team is taking a break to share our top silver linings from this – interesting – year. Scroll through our favorite female-focused stories because in 2016, we got real about the ladies.

*No we’re not; this year goes to Chance the Rapper, OK.

Find out what women want, according to women:

What a Woman Wants

Men’s celebrity stylist, Ashley Weston swung by to share what makes an A-List’s wardrobe, her favorite timeless outfit, and the men’s trend she’d love to never see again.

How does it feel to see clients of yours on best-dressed lists? Who gets more excited – you or them?

“I definitely get way more excited – It’s the best feeling in the world because it’s the ultimate validation that I did a great job. I literally jump up and down with excitement and text them immediately. I love when my clients get recognized for our work together.”

The Style Girlfriend team fell in love in 2016…with a couple amongst the ranks of Friday Night Lights’ Eric and Tami Taylor, Michelle and Barack Obama, and the little old couple you see at a diner that still flirt with each other: Larami and Shea Serrano. So, we reached out to the photographer and mom of three boys to chat #IRL relationship goals, being Twitter-famous, and choosing a good Tinder photo. A tweet storm sneak peek:

The impressive power duo and yogis behind Sky Ting Yoga, Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones, shared their take on yoga as a first date, stealing their guy’s grooming goods, and favorite yoga poses.

What would you say to a guy who’s nervous about trying yoga, because he thinks he’s not flexible enough / will look stupid / might topple over in headstand?

“GET OVER IT and come to class! The hardest part of life is “getting over it,” so that’s step one. Once you’re in class, the fear goes away. And in the end, everyone is just worried about themselves in class– no one is watching your headstand (besides, hopefully the teacher).”

Letter from the Editor

No need to “fake it ’til you make it,” guys. In this letter from the editor, Megan shares what happens when you turn regular ol’ doubt into action, and why it’s important to make things until you make them really well. We’ll let some of our readers do the talking:

The secret about easy-breezy effortless style? It takes work. Because here’s the truth: Anyone who looks uncontrived has undoubtedly put in some sweat equity in front of the mirror for the final product. And that’s a good thing. Why? It means that if dressing well/styling your hair/asking a girl out doesn’t come “naturally,” just keep working. Becoming a natural is a work-in-progress.

Dating & Relationships

5 things women first notice about you

In the – roughly – seven seconds you have to make a first impression, there’s a lot going through both parties’ minds when shaking hands and flashing that first smile. But we’re here to shortcut that (seemingly) scary prospect with five swoon-worthy ways to make a great first impression when meeting a woman.

Her perfect proposal: Engagement Ring Guide

Planning a proposal is stressful enough as it is; the Style Girlfriend team wanted to make ring shopping the easy part with our engagement ring primer. Before you pop the question, get the low down on finding a ring she’ll say, “YES!” to:

  • Snooping is encouraged
  • Consider the source
  • Shop smart
  • It’s not all about size (or price)

Revealing First Date Questions

Spoiler: “What’s your sign?” isn’t on this list. What is on this list? A few tales of romantic efforts and the can’t-miss first date questions learned along the way. An amuse-bouch, if you will:

“I once went on a first date that lasted for four hours and – somehow – we only got through two beers in that time frame. Why this lack of hydration, you ask? We were so engrossed in conversation, – swapping questions and anecdotes without much pause – time seemed to flow faster than a keg during college game day.

This was a good date.”

What Women Tell Their Friends About You

How tall you are? Not likely. What your average income is? Nope. The one joke you made that kind of didn’t land, but sort of made us chuckle? Still no.

The Style Girlfriend team shares exactly what they tell their friends during the inevitable post date recap, and we’re putting it all in one place for you guys. Get ahead of the game with the tips and tricks that’ll make your next date a home run.


Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward is the “When I Grow Up” career coach and the miracle worker responsible for helping Megan get out of advertising (and into writing). Tune in to find out if coaching my be right for you:

  • 2:27 – Is life coaching mainly for women?
  • 5:13  – What can you expect if you’re considering career coaching
  • 11:30 – Life coach vs. career coach
  • 15:40 – Situations that make you chose career coaching
  • 19:33 – The different paths people take after coaching
  • 23:23 – Megan’s life coaching success story
  • 24:00 – How guys can find the right coach
  • 29:27 – Michelle’s first Million Bucks Moment

Nicole Centeno

Soup cleanses: Trendy, and surprisingly healthy. In this episode of Undressed, Megan sits down with the founder and CEO of soup delivery service Splendid Spoon, Nicole Centeno. Check out the highlights below, then hit play to hear the full convo:

  • 3:00 — How Nicole Centeno launched Splendid Spoon
  • 4:30 — What is intermittent fasting?
  • 6:30 — Taking inspiration from “ancient” diets
  • 8:30 — Developing good eating habits?
  • 12:00 — Cleanses vs. Diets
  • 15:30 — Small changes for living better
  • 21:30 — Conquering cooking anxiety through soup
  • 25:00 — What about quick fixes?
  • 26:00 — Nicole’s adorable Million Bucks Moment



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