Shopping Roundup: 10 Colors of Chinos for Men

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jul 3 2018

Okay guys. No more messing around.

If you don’t have at least one pair of chinos in your closet yet – I mean, we’ve talked about them enough by now that, really, you have no excuses. Yes, jeans are comfortable. So are chinos!!

We’ve rounded up ten pairs in hues ranging from “Hmm, I could definitely rock those…” to “Out of my way kind sir, for I am wearing PINK PANTS, and you cannot stop me.”

Get inspired by these 10 colors of chinos for men, then get shopping:

1. Club Monaco, $100

SG Says: These slim-fit, stretch cotton twill chinos are a steal at twice the price. And I love that they sell Club Monaco at Mr. Porter because you get to feel extra fancy when the package arrives.

Also, the color on these (they call it “anthracite,” which, I mean, okay fine) can read as almost lavender, but also functions basically as a slate or grey. Meaning? They go with basically everything in your closet this spring and summer.

2. Rag & Bone, $225

SG Says: Rag & Bone is a favorite of the celeb set, and I feel like it’s because the designers create regular clothes all of us wear anyway, just…nicer. Great material. Good leather. You get it.

This pair comes in plenty of colors, too. I like these light blue for spring/summer.

3. Brooks Brothers, $60

SG Says: Just climbing aboard the chino train? You could do worse than starting with this Brooks Brothers pair in a classic light khaki-bordering-on-buttery-yellow hue.

4. J.Crew, $70

SG Says: These broken-in chinos from J.Crew in the 1040 athletic fit seem to look good on everyone. You included.

5. Old Navy, $40

SG Says: I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: don’t sleep on Old Navy’s pants. Especially this cropped pair in a summer weight. I like chinos with barely a break to begin with; these do the work for you so you don’t even need to learn how to master a pant roll.

6. A.P.C., $250

SG Says: Army green chinos? Yes sir. This cotton twill pair from A.P.C. (another celeb favorite) will become a solid staple in any guy’s year-round wardrobe.

7. Banana Republic, $98

SG Says: Banana Republic’s new “Rapid Movement” chinos are surprisingly comfortable with a good fit (not what BR’s always been known for). They also come in straight and athletic fit for more options for more guys. This darker olive green is great for guys who want their chinos to almost look like dress pants, but not quite feel like it.

8. J.Crew, $68

SG Says: Another pair from J.Crew, these are the 770 straight-fit pant, for a more roomy leg. These in white take a good amount of confidence; I like them in red, grey, and even millennial pink.

9. Unis, $198

SG Says: As if we’d ever leave Unis off a list of #SGapproved pants. AS IF. You’ll be surprised by how often you can work this pair, in a dusty rose hue, into your spring and summer lewks.

10. H&M, $30

SG Says: H&M’s chinos in washed cotton twill are another great deal. Everything you’d want out of your chinos – regular waist, zip fly with button, side pockets, welt back pockets – for pretty dang cheap.



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