2016 Guide: Fall Style for Guys

We're back with another 40 pages of style

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 11 2018

I’ve gotta ask…is there anything better than sweater weather? Maybe sweater weather with a side of hot apple cider and a dash of college football, but that’s about it.

Fallaka light layers seasonalways gets my blood rushing in the best way possible. Sure, we’re losing summer’s light, and yeah it’s kind of a bummer to remember I’ll be ghostly pale for the next nine months, but it’s all worth it for the cozy factor when it comes to clothing.

This is our second-annual guide to fall style for guys, and if you missed the last one (quelle horreur!), let me give you the lay of the land now:

Giving into age discrimination

Obviously you are all unique and stylish snowflakes, but for the purposes of brevity, we’ve divided the guide into two groups: school and work. Unless you undergrads are attending some old-timey university where blazers and ties are required at chapel, we figure your wardrobe needs are pretty different from the typical 9-5’er.

Shopping picks for your budget

We’re looking out not only for your different wardrobe needs, but your budgetary restrictions, as well. You’ll find we’ve grossly generalized the needs of both camps into two big shopping checklists, as well as grooming picks and styling tips at your level of investment (talking both time and budget here, fellas)

Playing just the hits

Don’t look at this guide as a comprehensive wardrobe rundown of everything you need in your closet down to a clean pair of underwear. Instead, consider it the quick hits your wardrobe needs to feel fresh for fall. Why? Well, we’re going to work under the assumption that some stuff you already have, because you read Style Girlfriend and are a person who has had to leave the house wearing staples like pants and shoes and shirts prior to reading this guide at this very moment. Want a more comprehensive wardrobe deep dive? Head over here.

Don’t take my word for it

You know Style Girlfriend goes well beyond my hot take at this point. Be on the lookout in the pages to follow for style and grooming tips, tricks, and shortcuts from all the lovely ladies that make up Team SG.

The fun doesn’t stop here

Like what you see but want some more options to choose from? You can find more picks from both shopping checklists in our “SHOP” page. There, you’ll find more of the must-have finds for fall, from A to Z, or rather, from $ to $$$$.