2016 Men’s Style Madness Sweet Sixteen: 2nd Heat, Bond & McQueen

The final match-ups before the Elite 8

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James Corden vs. John Legend

James Corden

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Whew, this face-off could go either way – and both contenders make a compelling case for their personal style. Skyrocketing to stylish new heights this year, James Corden has fine-tuned his wardrobe to fit his personality and body type. He loves a good sneaker and polo combination just as much as he loves a Tom Ford suit and shoe pairing – and both fit him perfectly.

John Legend

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Legend – wait for it – ary…is probably the exact How I Met Your Mother reference you guys were patiently waiting for us to get around to when talking about Sir John Legend’s style. His wardrobe is widely basics peppered with sharp outerwear and interesting patterns. SG HQ always supports his monochrome mastery and it’s always impressive to see him look just as polished in casual attire as he does on the red carpet.

Another case for monochrome.

…James or John?

Jeff Goldblum vs. Henrik Lundqvist

Jeff Goldblum

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Goldblum could go all the way, guys. He was a tough competitor during last year’s SG Madness, but lost out to 007 himself who went on to win the title. One of Goldblum’s greatest style strengths is his ability to wear trends without looking like he’s trying to be “one of the cool kids” because frankly, he is the cool kid when it comes to fashion. We love how he can go from classic sartorial style to and edgy casual look to a retro take on everyday outfits.

Let’s talk dress shoes.

Henrik Lundqvist

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We’ve seen how Henrik Lundqvist shines in any suited situation (including when he’s suited up in hockey gear), so it’s fascinating to see how he commands casual style just the same. Professional athletes can easily fall prey to less-than-perfect fitting clothing because of their larger builds, but Lundqvist always tailors his clothes to fall on his frame in the most flattering way. What’s even better? He doesn’t need to go too flashy to make fashion waves and instead sticks to small updates like bright colors or unique cuts to level-up his wardrobe.

…Jeff or Henrik?


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