The 9 Not-So-Normal 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends to Know

The 9 Not-So-Normal 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends to Know

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2021 men's fashion trends

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 26 2021 | 9 min read

2021 men's fashion trends

When I hear “men’s fashion trends,” for some reason, I immediately think about clothes that were cool when I was in grade school.

Hypercolor t-shirts! Carpenter jeans! Those plaid sleeveless hooded vests the middle brother on Home Improvement wore!

Maybe it’s because, for the most part, we don’t follow “fashion” too closely on SG, preferring to lean into personal style.

Because you should wear whatever makes you look and feel like a million bucks.

However, 2021 is not most years. And, more than ever, we’re living a shared experience where an overarching set of trends could actually apply to a whole bunch of people. 

So, let’s dig into the 2021 men’s fashion trends you might find yourself tackling this year. Sorry, the return of Hypercolor didn’t make the list (maybe next year!).

Below, check out the definitive list of 2021 men’s fashion trends to try:

1. Long Hair

long hair on guys

Why it’s trending: If I had a nickel for every guy friend or relative who’s texted me a picture of their man bun in recent months, well…I would have a few nickels jangling around in my pocket.

Whether you don’t feel safe heading to the barber or hair salon for a trim, or you’re simply using lockdown as the opportunity to fulfill your secret fantasy of growing your hair out, now is your time to explore those Rapunzel lengths!

Trying this 2021 trend? Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

Headbands, bandanas, and even scrunchies are all fair game for long hair on guys. Hey, if Jason Momoa can do it, so can you. 

Just be sure your haircare routine is keeping up with the length of your locks.

SEE MORE: The SG Guide to Long Hair on Guys

Even if you’re not getting in their chair, check in with your hair professional to see if you should adjust the products you use to wash and style your hair.

Shop the trend:

2. Relaxed fits

Why it’s trending: It’s pretty obvious, right? We’re all staying home more, where comfort is king. As someone who isn’t fitting into her own pants the same way she was before COVID hit, I’m all for this trend.

For guys, the move towards relaxed fits shows up in new silhouettes for pants and trousers. These days, you’ll find pleats, drawstring waists, and stretchier-than-ever fabric.

Don’t mistake this trend for permission to look like you’re wearing pajamas 24/7, though. These fits are meant to look slouchy, not sloppy.

Shop the trend:

3. Everyday jewelry

Jake Gyllenhaal wearing chain necklace
photo: PopSugar (pre-covid!)

Why it’s trending: Much like long hair, the desire to sneak in a new piece of everyday jewelry into one’s repertoire feels like…now is your moment.

Maybe it’s a signet ring. Or a not-so-delicate chain around your neck. Even a small button on your t-shirt promoting a cause you feel passionate about.

I’ve seen enough men and women fiddle with a new wedding ring to know that it might not feel totally natural at first, but you’ll get used to wearing this added accessory each day. Especially if you just…never take it off?!

4. The new top layer

Why it’s trending: Sorry sport coats. You’re being benched a little while longer.

The new WFH top layer is still structured, but way more laid-back. Shirts like a thick flannel overshirt, or a sturdy chambray button-front.

How to wear it: Treat your top layer like a light jacket. Throw it over whatever you’re wearing to “finish” your look. Or, just because you’re cold!

And yes, you can wear a collared shirt over another collared shirt. Just aim for variety in the thickness, color, and patterns of the two materials (i.e., skip the clashing plaid-on-plaid).

Shop the trend:

Faherty Atmosphere Packable Shirt Jacket
Faherty Atmosphere Shirt Jacket, $198

5. Luxe loungewear

Why it’s trending:

When it comes to silver linings, the emergence of athleisure as an OfFiCiAL men’s wardrobe essential is a pretty okay one.

It’s sort of like when the USDA scrapped the food pyramid in favor of a dinner plate..sure, you’re losing bread as a foundation of your diet, but you get to work in so many other wonderful elements now!

Like with the relaxed fits fashion trend mentioned earlier, this trend is not meant to excuse laziness or sloppiness with your wardrobe.

Instead, look for loungewear like joggers and sweatshirts in high-quality material and structured fits.

Shop the trend:

faherty legend sweatpant, 2021 men's fashion trends
Faherty heathered black twill sweatpants, $128

6. A proper skincare routine

bathroom sinks

Why it’s trending: We’ve talked about the importance of a solid skincare routine before, but in 2021, you’ve got no excuse!

You can take at least a few minutes you would have spent waiting in line at Starbucks each morning on your way to school or work, and dedicate that time to taking care of your skin, instead.

Take a look at our guides to taking care of your skin in your 20s, your 30s, your 40s, and, of course, our guys’ grooming guide for your 50s and beyond for a rundown addressing your unique needs.

7. Sherpa everything

Why it’s trending: When it comes to 2021 men’s fashion trends, you don’t have to follow every single fad like a sheep, but you should consider dressing like one.

Shop the trend:

8. Upgraded undergarments

Why it’s trending: Okay, okay, this isn’t really a trend, but if you’ve been looking for an excuse to replace every increasingly ragged pair of socks and underwear and undershirt you own, this is it.

Need some guidance on what to chuck and what to buy? Check out the #SGApproved guide on upgrading your underwear in 2021.

9. Technical fabrics leave the gym for good

Why it’s trending: The tech fabric takeover continues!

Since your wardrobe is taking a potentially permanent turn for the casual, don’t be afraid to lean into technical and performance materials across your closet’s contents.

Shop the trend:


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