Get to Know Team SG: Gabi Meyers

Get to Know Team SG: Gabi Meyers

Intern-turned-SG superstar
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 20 2023 | 4 min read

Get to know Gabi Meyers (and all of Team SG!) with a few fun facts. Want us to shop for you? Learn more here.

25 things to know about Team SG’s Gabi Meyers:

1. I’m left handed!gabi meyers

2. I was born without an appendix, or so I’ve assumed since they thought I had appendicitis and were not able to locate any appendix. #spooky

3. I once won an eating contest! Back when I was a camp counselor, I ate a paint bucket full of weird food that shouldn’t have been mixed together, and faster and more voraciously than all of the other people eating the same thing. May be my proudest moment.

4. My senior year of college I worked as a delivery driver for my favorite sushi place.

5. I studied abroad twice in college. I went to Greece the spring of my sophomore year to study classic and ancient Mediterranean studies, and the spring after I graduated I went to London to study fashion at the Condé Nast College.

6. I went to Penn State and majored in Advertising and Spanish and minored in international studies and classic and ancient Mediterranean studies.

7. I love reading take out pizza menus. It’s as soothing as This American Life is to most other people.

8. My favorite machine at the gym is the StairMaster. All other cardio machines at the gym are a joke SORRY NOT SORRY.

9. I don’t really like sports, but I don’t mind running. I ran cross county in high school, and ran a half marathon about a year ago.

10. In 5th grade I wanted to be a meteorologist, and in middle school it changed to flight attendant after we took a career aptitude test. I was devastated when I realized I couldn’t be a flight attendant because I’m under 5’2”.

11. I have two older sisters and a brother, and the age range between us is 25 years. We also all have our own dogs. They all are included in the annual family Christmas card.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.19.31 PM

12. I’m still searching for my signature haircut/scent/style and am confident that I will never settle.

13. My favorite TV shows are Daria, South Park, and BoJack Horseman. Yes, I generally prefer cartoons to shows with real actors.

14. My favorite movies are Grease, The Graduate, Blue Lagoon, Wet Hot American Summer and Superbad.

15. My hanger issues are equatable to a Snickers commercial, for realsies. 

16. I fall asleep with my computer on my lap on a regular basis. My ideal office would have to be a hospital bed instead of a desk. Traditional desks make me too fidgety to focus.

17. In 4th grade I won a chipping contest at the golf camp at the local country club, even against the boys.

18. I was in an American Girl fashion show in first grade, and my runway look was pajamas.

19. I met Alice Cooper in the Paris airport when I was in 3rd grade, and didn’t understand why that was cool until much later.

gabi meyers20. I got sick on every Girl Scout camping trip I ever went on, but I’m fine with cabins – I’ve concluded I’m not meant to be outdoors.

21. The only food I can make is breakfast food. I’m totally afraid of touching raw meat that isn’t eggs, bacon, pork roll, scrapple, or sausage.

22. I’m a Sagittarius and in Chinese zodiac I was born in the Year of the Horse and I used to ride horses until I got hay fever or developed an allergy to hay, so I am kind of part horse.

23. I love vintage clothes and tchotchkes and my dream life would be going to flea markets every day and having endless space to hoard such things.

24. I still can’t paint my own nails.

25. My favorite color is red.


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