3 Ways to Wear Black Watch

3 Ways to Wear Black Watch

this super-versatile plaid can go just about anywhere
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 3 2018 | 2 min read

As plaids go, the Black Watch pattern has a long and storied history: It’s officially the tartan of the Campbell clan, and specifically their “ancient”, or plain, tartan (for more than you could have ever hoped to learn on the specificities of the four Campbell tartans, look no farther).

Thankfully, black watch – or Blackwatch, depending on who you ask – looks anything but plain when guys incorporate it into their daily look. All you really need to know is that black watch is traditionally limited to three colors (black, green, and blue) and looks awesome the following three ways:

Casual Thursday

Wear it Well: Black watch might be a traditional plaid, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be styled in a modern way. This shirt gets that done with its slim silhouette—the fit is the opposite of what you’d see in, for example, a lumberjack-style flannel shirt. The not-too-skinny jeans keep things tidy.


Shirt: Topman, $55 | Jeans: Forever 21, $30 | Shoes: Vans, $75
Cardigan: Rag and Bone, $350 | Jacket: Old Navy, $38


Creative office

Wear it Well: A little bit of black watch goes a long way. Here, it’s used just as an accent, providing an extra zing to a standard—but sweet!—jeans ‘n’ blazer combo. Gray is a great pairing for black watch, which keeps it from getting too matchy-matchy. 

Sweatshirt: CWST, $154 | Pocket square: Ralph Lauren, $95 | Blazer: ASOS, $38
Henley: Grayers, $75 | Shoes: John Varvatos Star USA, $298| Jeans: Acne Studios, $250

Weekend movie

Wear it Well: Of course, plaid begs to be worn in its natural setting: outside, ideally near a hay ride, in a classic button-up. Keep it from getting messy with cool shoes, dark (not medium- or light-blue) jeans, and a fitted vest. 

Shirt: J. Crew, $80 | Jeans: Topman, $70 | Tee: Everlane, $15
Shoes: D by D, $235| Vest: Uniqlo, $70

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