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How to Wear a Puffer Coat Three Ways

this seasonal staple is more versatile than you might think

By Megan Collins | Dec 17 2018

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Originally published Nov 2017 but updated because, y’know, #winter

Puffer coats: so ubiquitous they might seem like the lowest common denominator of winter outerwearAfter all, anything you wear to shovel your snowed-in car at 7am can’t be that cool, right?

Wrong. Choose well, and you can rock a puffer coat that’s both stylish and warm—one that won’t give off even a whiff of Marshmallow Man vibe.

Below, how to wear a puffer three ways this winter that’ll keep you looking cool while staying warm:

Option 1: Sleek ‘n Chic

via Dune London

 SG Says: Puffers don’t have to actually be that puffy. The stylish guys on either side above show how sleek a puffer can look with a work look, like slacks, dress shoes, and a (ahem) turtleneck.

Option 2: Upscale Outdoors

via The Idle Man

SG Says: Only men’s stylist and fashion editor Eugene Tong could look so stylish when the weather looks so sh*tty. We can’t tell if this is a vest or a puffer, but either way you can see that a puffer doesn’t have to be that puffy. This one fits nicely under his luxe-looking topcoat, and doesn’t drag the “fashionable” quotient down to the “functional” necessity by any stretch.

Option 3: Downtown Cool

via Oh Anthonio

SG Says: Okay, okay, Anthony Urbano, the men’s style blogger behind the punch of color look above probably dresses a little more trendy than you do. And that’s okay. What’s important to pay attention to here is the dose of style that red topper gives him. You don’t have to wear yours with trousers, sneakers, and a hoodie like he does, but don’t default to black or navy just because you feel like you want something neutral. A little brightness on a snowy morning might make it easier to get yourself out into the winter wonderland that is your commute to work.

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