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5 Days, 5 Ways: How to Wear Corduroy Pants

More versatile than you think

By Gabi Meyers | Nov 5 2018

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Trying to figure out how to wear corduroy pants in the cold weather months can feel confusing, I get it! Are they too cozy for work? Am I going to make that zhush-zhush-zhush sound all day? I’m here to say, don’t fret! Like sweaters for your legs, corduroys are indeed a cold weather wardrobe essential. You can’t go wrong with a 5-pocket pair in a classic khaki hue (to make you think you’re just wearing chinos), but a pair of corduroy dress pants, or even a full suit!, should feel totally possible for you this fall and winter.

Oh, and corduroy presents a great opportunity to add more brightness to the grey days of winter, so don’t shy away from brighter colors, either. If there ever were a pant made just for winter it would be cords, and if there were ever a winter pant that’s made better by adding color, the answer would still be cords.

Below, how to wear corduroy pants five ways this fall and winter:


via J.Crew

Wear corduroy pants like jeans!

SG Says: Here’s what you need to know about 5-pocket pants; you’ll feel like you’re wearing jeans, even if you’re actually dressed up a bit more. Say, in twill, or the corduroy above. This is your entry-level corduroy pant situation. Very hard to mess up, I promise.

Dress them down with sneakers and a sport shirt, or add a little flair with boots and a sweater.

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via Todd Snyder

Wear corduroy dress pants!

SG Says: You don’t need to confine your corduroy to a casual pant. Dress things up with a trouser made from the tufted textile. Yes, it’s a slightly more advanced degree of difficulty than a 5-pocket pant, but still totally doable for the “everyguy.”

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via Polo Ralph Lauren

Wear colorful corduroy!

SG Says: Like I said, you can pretend your corduroy pants are just…regular pants by scooping up a pair in a standard hue like khaki or grey. But. BUT! You could also branch out with a pair in a rich jewel tone that is just so fall I can’t even stand it. Like what, exactly? Well, you could go with a burgundy like the Polo Ralph Lauren pair above. Greens are great. So are cords in the golden yellow (some might say mustard) hue that seems to be popping up everywhere this season (you can find my favorite sweaters in the color here).

The takeaway? If you’ve already got one pair of cords in a more traditional color, a new pair in a warm hue could be the perfect complement for your fall and winter wardrobe.

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via Pinterest, Suitsupply

Wear a corduroy suit!

SG Says: Wear your cords like your chinos for a winter work look.

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via Everlane

Wear a corduroy shirt!

SG Says: Okay, okay, we’ve been talking about pants, but your torso deserves to have just as much fun.

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