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5 Days, 5 Ways: How to Wear a Crewneck Sweater

Get more wear out of this winter wardrobe staple

By Style Girlfriend | Jan 19 2018

If there’s one thing we’d guess that every one of you well-dressed guys already has in your wardrobe, it’s a navy crewneck sweater. Why? Because 1) it’s easy. Small/Medium/Large and you’re good to go. And 2) it goes with everything – jeans, trousers, chinos, a blazer, a jean jacket, a shirt and tie, etc. Chances are, you even received a new one at the holidays, and for good reason. It’s the sweater that keeps on giving.

While your version of this timeless classic could be made from cotton, wool or cashmere, we decidedly went for a thick, wool crewneck because, well, it’s January. You can never be too warm these days, am I right?

Below, how to wear a crewneck sweater five ways:


SG Says: Want to know how to wear a crewneck sweater to work and not look like the junior account executive on the team? With a sport coat. Ideally one that has patch pockets.



SG Says: How do we love a chambray shirt, twill pants and desert boots? Let us count the ways. Because they’re all in this outfit, and we’re seriously going heart eye emojis for it.


SG Says: Okay, okay. So this outfit may be more of a “Saturday” vibe than a “Wednesday” vibe, unless your Wednesdays are seriously vibey. In which case, how did you get to doing what you do because I think I’d like to do it, too.



SG Says: This look screams date night. Actually, it mumbles it quietly with a toothpick hanging out of the edge of your mouth, because that’s the kind of bad boy you’ll feel like in this lewk.


SG Says: Friday might be our favorite look of all. It’s both cozy and put-together. We love a layered look, and so long as there’s no snow, you’re perfectly good to go in a low-top Chuck and wool socks.

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