5 Days, 5 Ways: Guys' Workout Style

Remix Your Workout Wardrobe

We’ve all been there: we find a workout that works, and commit to a regular routine…only to wake up one day and think, “I will never again step foot on that track/treadmill/trampoline for the rest of my life, so help me God.”

When you find yourself in a fitness funk, it’s easy to fall right off the workout wagon. Besides overcoming mental monotony, an exercise regimen steeped in variety provides serious physical benefits: from strengthening more muscle groups to preventing strain from overworking the same ones.

Now, at the risk of getting all men are from Mars, women are from Venus on you, I actually think us ladies generally do a pretty good job of mixing up our workouts. Thanks to services like Classpass, it’s easy to try lots of different group fitness classes and keep from getting bored. So when ASICS challenged me to take part in their “Remix Your Workout” campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to drag *er* bring a guy friend to a few of my favorite studios here in NYC.

Check out the five workouts – and how to dress for them – we did in five days, with the help of the new ASICS fuzeX TR™ sneakers. Then, find out how to win a pair of your own.

Below, five ways to rock guys’ workout style:



Tee: Asics, $40 | Shorts: Asics, $40 | Sweatshirt: Asics, $60

Socks: Asics, $8  | Watch: tomtom, $250 | Recovery Balm: Jack Black, $23

Wear it well: Opt for moisture wicking fabrics, as this high-intensity interval training workout promises to work up a sweat.

(Watch our workout at The Fhitting Room)

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Jacket: Asics, $145 | Tee: Asics, $25 | Spandex: Asics, $39 | Shorts: Asics, $19

Socks: Asics, $8 | Spray: Aveda, $30 | Mat: prAna, $48 | Block: Gaiam, $9

Wear it well: Slim, fitted styles ensure that everything stays in place when you’re in downward dog and other inversions, but you can always layer a pair of shorts over your spandex to keep from feeling exposed.

(Watch our workout at Sky Ting Yoga)

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Tee: Asics, $22 | Shorts: Asics, $42 | Spandex: Asics, $38 | Socks: Asics, $5

Sweatshirt: Asics, $30 | Sunglasses: Quay Australia, $50

Deodorant: Balsem, $20 | Water Bottle: S’well, $35

Wear it well: Keep the boot camp vibe alive after class with camo accessories and a “SIR, YES SIR” attitude.

(Watch our workout at ConBody)

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Tee: Asics, $42 | Sweats: Asics, $50 | Socks: StickyBe, $16

Jacket: Asics, $80 | Face Wipes: Every Man Jack, $6 | Headphones: Asics, $175

Wear it well: It’s harder than it looks, fellas. And the best part? No tutu or toe shoes required.

(Watch our workout at Bar Method)

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Jacket: Asics, $165 | Tank: Asics, $45 | Sweats: Asics, $70 | Socks: Asics, $6

Cap: Altru, $35 | Juice: Pressed Juicery, $10 | Body Balm: Anthony, $20

Wear it well: Throw a sporty puffer and cap over your workout gear to take you to the juice bar and beyond.

(Watch our workout at Flex Studios)

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