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A Style Girlfriend Gaffe

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 17 2019

Sometimes I forget that I’m not writing this blog in a vacuum. Today, I received a comment on this article from the groom in question – a really nice guy who just wanted to have fun at his wedding.

His comment was far more polite than it needed to be, since I openly critiqued the sports theme he and his wife chose to celebrate with at their wedding. I responded to him immediately and apologized in an email, but I wanted to also do so here.

So here goes: Sometimes I forget that the trends I’m critiquing or commenting on have real people behind them – whether it’s a designer whose new collection I don’t like, or a husband who just wanted to make his wedding be a blast.

Obviously what I write on Style Girlfriend is my opinion, but while I may not prefer a themed wedding, it doesn’t mean it’s not the right choice for other people. That’s true for everything I write – if you really like something, go ahead and enjoy it. My purpose on this site is to help guys who want to live a more stylish life by providing the female perspective on guys’ style, but that doesn’t mean that my perspective is the only one. My goal is always to be as positive as I can – I want to position my advice as “Why don’t you wear X?” rather than “Don’t wear Y.” That said, sometimes I trip up and fall into negativity, which is lazy writing and mean-spirited and not what I want this site to be about. That’s something I will continue to work on.

I apologize for any hurt I caused, and am appreciative for the reminder of my commitment to staying positive. I never want my readers to feel like they’re going to be bullied or put down when they visit the site, so to all my readers – please keep me honest on this point.

Yours in style,