Ask A Dermatologist: Three Things She Wishes Guys Knew

Ask A Dermatologist: Three Things She Wishes Guys Knew

Take care of your skin, like a professional

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 3 min read

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What are three things a dermatologist wishes every guy knew about skincare?


Dr. Robyn Gmyrek of Union Square Dermatology in NYC says that, “By far the easiest way to take care of your skin is to use sunscreen,” calling it an essential product to have in your repertoire.

No surprise there, but with sunburn season upon us, it’s worth a reminder in making sure you’re applying it properly. Dr. Gmyrek breaks it down:

Sunscreen should be applied 20 min before exposure to sun, and should be re-applied every 2 to 4 hours for full protection. If you are at the beach or have prolonged sun exposure – every 2 hours. If you are in your office, not sweating (I guess that depends on your job), and you put your sunscreen on at 8 am, remember to re-apply it at lunchtime when you are going to go out and be exposed to mid-day sun. And don’t forget your ears and scalps if you are balding!

Does that mean you can get away with slapping on any ol’ moisturizer that boasts sun protection? Not so fast.

Look for sunscreen that’s 30SPF or higher, and lists “broad spectrum” on the label.

“SPF is only a measure of the protection against UVB rays. UVA ray protection does not have an equivalent number grading system but is connoted by specifically saying “UVA protection” or “broad spectrum”,” points out Gmyrek.

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Part of making something good is getting rid of the bad, and that’s exactly what exfoliation does.

“Exfoliation with a facial skin brush (such as a Clarisonic) on a regular basis will take off the dead skin layer of the skin, leading to brighter skin appearance and collagen stimulation,” says Gmyrek.

Not only will exfoliation make your skin look better, it will make it more effective at absorbing products that you apply to your skin (we talked about this before, remember?).

So get rid of the dead skin, and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.

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You know those laser treatments your girlfriend swears by? The Botox parties your wife not-so-secretly attends?  If you want to tag along next time, Gmyrek says, go for it.

“There still is a perception that these treatments are ‘for girls’ or will make a man look more feminine.”

This is totally untrue and, honestly, a damaging attitude for guys who harbor concerns about their skin’s appearance. “Skin ages similarly in both men and women, meaning both sexes benefit from brown spot removal, unwanted visible blood vessels on the skin, laser collagen stimulation, Botox for movement/expression lines, and fillers for volume loss in the face.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean these kinds of treatments are right for you, but don’t dismiss them out of hand, either. We’ve said it here before, and we’ll say it again: When you look good, you feel good. If taking measures to improve your skin makes you feel more confident in your appearance, that confidence will have positive ripples through your relationships, your work performance, and more.

Of course, if you’re not ready to book a session at the medi spa quite yet, Dr. Gmyrek suggests scheduling a consultation with a board certified dermatologist, who can – at the very least – suggest procedures that would be best for your skin concerns. Hey, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, right?



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