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Ask the Reader: What Color of Clothes Do You Keep Buying?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

{50 Shades of Grey…In My Closet}

Getting dressed this morning, I pulled on an old grey tank top left over from my Abercrombie days. I topped it with a men’s small striped long-sleeve shirt from J. Lindeberg – grey and white stripes, to be exact. Over short grey shorts. If it weren’t for my white sandals, I would have been rocking the monochromatic look, hard.

Why am I so attracted to this somber shade? I suppose I could get all broody and melancholy-ish and wonder about if the cloudy colors of my clothing reflect some sad Eeyore all-rain-clouds-everywhere attitude I take towards life, reflected in my clothing. But really I think I’m a generally happy person. Worried a lot, sure. Anxious even. Serious, maybe too much sometimes. But not sad. I wear a lot of black too, but I chalk that up to living in New York City. It’s not my fault.

A whole drawer in my wardrobe is devoted to a stack of grey tanks, shirts, and sweaters – the pile of which keeps growing larger and larger.

My preference for the smoky neutral is so entrenched that it’s become a running joke in my family. Just like some people always have Diet Coke in their fridge, or can be counted on for a joke, I can be reliably expected to buy at least one thing in grey every time I go shopping. “Oh, more grey Megan? What a change of pace for you…”

I think I know what color Kim and Kanye keep buying

I’ve long since given up trying to fight my obsession with grey. And it makes matching easier in the morning when half my clothes are the same color.

Tell me: what color, or colors, do you find yourself buying over and over again? Any thoughts deeper than “I just like it” about why you stock your closet with said-shade? Leave ’em in the comments!