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Ask The Reader: Themed Nuptials a Do or a Don't?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 2 2019

Jimi Collins recently got married to the love of his life in a football rivals-themed wedding. See, Jimi’s a Bills fan while his new bride favors the Patriots. So what did they do? They had the minister marry them dressed as a referee, of course! Then they walked down the aisle to the “NFL on CBS” theme. Obviously.

So…okay, I think this sounds totally insane. But then again, I’ve also been told I can be a bit of a party pooper. I believe the exact words were, “Oh Megan, why don’t you like fun?” Which is ridiculous, of course. I think I’m super fun.

Now, to be fair, I’m not yet enfianced or dreaming of my own big day, so maybe I just don’t…get it? I mean, I’m not secretly pinning bouquets to wedding boards on Pinterest. I don’t even have any idea what my dress would look like. But one thing I do know? I don’t want my ushers to wear eye black, and I don’t intend to implement a “Jersey Cocktail” dress code.

I guess what I don’t understand is, why does a wedding have to be “about” anything but a big party celebrating the love and commitment between two people?

The whole thing just feels a little, bar mitzvah time! to me. If thirteen-year-olds are entering into adulthood with enchanted evenings like “A Night at the Movies” or “March Madness” to celebrate, do we really enter into marriage with the same need for a theme? (an aside: my favorite theme I ever heard was the friend who declared a “SNL” with cast member pics denoting seating arrangements (If we’d have been friends at thirteen, I’d have had my fingers crossed for the Chris Farley table.

Maybe that’s why a themed wedding feels a bit juvenile to me. If you really need a theme, how about “Hey, guess what I’m spending the rest of my life with the woman/man I love? Let’s all get on the dance floor and take advantage of the open bar as best we can?” Sure, it’s a little long, but what can I say? It speaks to me.

Tell me – would you have a themed wedding? You know, if your lady would let you? If so, what would it be?