Let’s #Humblebrag the Vote

Let’s #Humblebrag the Vote

Being a voter looks good on you
humblebrag the vote

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 5 2018 | 3 min read

humblebrag the vote, being a voter
Being a voter looks good on you

Were we to live in a perfect world, which (shocker! spoiler! twist!) we don’t, everyone would vote. You turn eighteen, and pouf! You are a voter. In the perfect world we definitely, absolutely for sure do not live in, the government would make being a voter much easier by taking steps like such as declaring Election Day a national holiday, implementing automatic voter registration when you turn eighteen, and adopting day-of registration in all fifty states…ET CETERA ET CETERA.

In this perfect world, we’d all recognize the importance of exercising our right to vote, and we’d educate ourselves using news and information from a variety of sources to inform our opinions about our public servants and their actions. Then we’d go to the polls, thoughtfully cast our ballot and get on with our day.

In the world we actually live in, though, being a voter is not always easy. And voting is not the norm, especially for people younger than “Should I go on cholesterol medication?” years old (though that’s changing!).

And that’s why, for today only, I’m reversing my stance on the #humblebrag selfie.

I’ve talked before about my love-hate relationship with Instagram, how it rewards artfully directed shots of you living only the most perfectly highlighted moments of your life. How I think we’d all be a lot better off if we just hopped off the platform altogether, or, ’til that happens, at least be more authentic with the vision of ourselves we present to the world.

But today is not that day. Today you ought to #humblebrag the vote. Dress your best, use the good pomade on your hair and do that thing with your wife’s hairdryer that makes it swoop just so.

Today, be a voter. And don’t be afraid to #humblebrag about it.

Go vote with your most social media-savvy friend. The one who understands that the question “Will you take my picture?” actually means, “Will you take multiple pictures of me at various angles, coaxing me into my best light and directing my poses to ensure the perfect angles from which to hit ‘share’ with the world?” A friend who will take a photo burst just as the sun is glinting off your “I Voted” sticker.

Because today is the day to #humblebrag your vote.

So go out and vote today. Vote for candidates who are good, decent, honest, and hard-working (as opposed to those who are vile, misogynistic, greedy, and ~ahem~ lazy).

If you’re not sure your polling place, head here.

If you’re hoping you can register same day, you’re in luck if you live in one of these eighteen states.

And if you want to #humblebrag the vote, tag @styleGF so we can see! Taylor Swift did it, and early voting in Tennessee among 18-25 year olds increased by something like 7 bajillion % (approximately). Can’t say SG’s quite so influential, but if we encourage even a little civic duty-inspired insta-sharing, we’re all for it.

Want more SG all up in your ballot box?

Cool! I wrote about the election here  and about how men can better support voices too often muffled by our government (cough*women*I’m talking about womenhere.

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