Best of 2016: Men's Style Hacks

tips and tricks from the year that was

We finally did it, guys. This year, we’re pulling all of Style Girlfriend’s guy’s style advice, grooming, lifestyle, and women & dating favorites into one place (we know, we can’t believe it took so long either). Check back each week for a roundup of our top hits from 2016…

Hacks were abundant (inescapable, even) in 2016: life hacks on everything from exercising to vacationing, email hacks, texting hacks, more email hacks, and – most favorably – style hacks. In the year that was, we had a lot to say about a lot of style / grooming / lifestyle questions. So kick-back and scroll through a few of our top hits. 

Team SG’s favorite men’s style hacks:

Style Hacks

Style Hack: 13 Easy Tips to Look Instantly More Attractive

Looking more fly…on the fly doesn’t mean ponying up to a whole new wardrobe. We sift through our favorite little ways to impress, like flashing a smile:

“Instead, refer to any of Audrey Hepburn’s charming suitors in movies of romantic comedy past. Those iconic men wooed women by flashing a million watt smile, and that’s the true trick. Besides creating a more friendly interaction, smiling lights up your entire face and you can use that spotlight to your advantage.”

How to Find your Personal Style

5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Before a First Date

What Your Drink Says About You

Should you send a drink over to that lady you’ve been eyeing? Have you nailed down a go-to cocktail? We talk to a top bartender and – of course – women to get down the the bottom of the bottle on drinking with style.

Travel Hacks

On-the-Go Habits of Stylish Men: Tips to Travel Better

Bonus: We even did some window shopping for you…

What to Pack: Fall Weekend Getaway

5 Days, 5 Ways

Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

Sweater Polo

Flannel Shirt

Grooming Hacks

{VIDEO} What Women Think About Hair Loss

Team SG got together to discuss the finer points of grooming and why us ladies are all about adding a little extra to your grooming routine.

Get The Best Haircut of Your Life