These Are The Best Men’s Golf Clothes in 2024

These Are The Best Men’s Golf Clothes in 2024

What to wear on the course right now
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 18 2024 | 7 min read

Let me just go ahead and preface this by saying, I do not golf.

I do go to the driving range for fun.

When I’m working on the weekends, I put golf tournaments on TV as soothing background noise.

I harbor conflicted feelings about Tiger Woods.

But I do not golf.

However! I do have thoughts to share on the best men’s golf clothes and how to look and feel your best on the links. 

Because there’s still a lot of outdated ideas about what golf clothes should look like. Most (all?) of which were decided by old white guys who also tend to have outdated ideas about who should be playing golf at all.

Thankfully, a new generation is shaking things up. Lovers of the game who’ve decided, they’re not wearing what’s always been worn on the golf course just because it’s always what’s been worn.

They’ve created new brands, and ushered in new trends.

So here’s a deep dive on the best men’s golf clothes for 2024.

Now, this isn’t some dry rundown of golf apparel and accessory brands—though you will find cool golf brands and stylish product recommendations!

Instead, think of it as a permission slip for trying something new with the clothes you wear to play the sport, along with some inspiration to get you out of your golf style rut.

Check out the best golf clothes for men in 2024:

1. Swap your golf pants for joggers

Just gonna say it: It’s time to switch to joggers on the golf course, full-time, full stop.

“We feel joggers are acceptable on the course now,” says Olajuwon Ajanaku, founder and CEO of Eastside Golf.

“For so long it’s been these pants that weren’t tapered right and sometimes really baggy. Now with all these really nice different shoes out, joggers are definitely a way to keep the attention towards them.”

Even more so now in our WFH-hybrid lives, joggers are creeping into our everyday wardrobes.

Why wouldn’t that lifestyle shift extend to the golf course?

Ajanaku agrees. “I definitely feel the new school golfers are more into fashion and have the ‘If you look good, you play good mentality’.”

2. Tech Shorts > Chino Shorts

This is not to say you should show up to the tee box in basketball shorts.

Unless you are Adam Sandler, you cannot get away with that.

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands making performance shorts in 2024 that still have belt loops and pockets, and that don’t go to your knees.

The tl;dr? You can dress well for the course without looking like you’re hitting a football tailgate in the south.

What you want is shorts that look acceptable on a golf course, and move with you while you play. 

3. Break out from boring golf shirts

When it comes to golf shirts, I’m not going to say to switch things up so drastically as with your pants. 

A polo shirt totally works! As does a zip-up!

But please, try something new this season.

There are so many great brands hitting the scene that are making golf feel fresh and interesting. Embrace them.

Another idea?

Head to eBay, search men’s clothing > golf shirts > [your size] NWT.

best men's golf clothes, ebay golf shirts
image: eBay

You might get a polo shirt with a random company logo on the sleeve. Or overstock from an invitational that got rained out (NWT stands for “New With Tags” and ensures you won’t wind up with sweaty, holy castoffs).

Who cares? You snagged it for a song, and if you’re meticulous in your filters, you’ll find something that’s even better quality than you’d splurge on off the rack.

And hey, buying your golf clothes this way makes for a good story as you’re waiting for your tee time!

4. Update your golf shoes to something more modern

Remember in The Last Dance when Michael Jordan talked about wearing the original Jordans for a game however many years later?

He was bleeding through his shoes in the first five minutes. 

That’s how I feel about men wearing traditional golf spikes in 2024.

Why would anyone wear uncomfortable shoes when there’s sophisticated, athletic footwear created just for this sport…and that looks modern and stylish to boot? 

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Everyday Drew’s Andrew Westphal, a men’s style blogger and golf podcaster, agrees. 

“Golfers will walk anywhere between 3-6 miles per round so we need comfortable shoes. Until recently, golfers chose classic longwing shoes as the dress staple. While classically stylish, they weren’t the most comfortable.”

everyday drew golf style, best men's golf clothes
image: @everydaydrew

He goes on:

“For me personally, I want to look as cool as I play, so I’m happy that brands have shifted towards turning classic sportswear styles into golf shoes. I’ve been wearing the Nike Air Max 1 golf shoe this year and absolutely love them. They’re as comfortable for walking a course as they are stylish.

Golfers want the comfort of a running shoe along with the traction a golf shoe offers and Nike hit it out of the park with their newest model the Air Zoom Infinity Tour. They sold out in my size when they released so I’m hoping to catch them when they restock.”

5. Go for ‘subtle sophistication’ with your layers

Write this down: Three-quarter zips are not your only option for long sleeves when it comes to golf gear, guys!

The best men’s golf clothes go beyond the expected.

For instance, our team loves Eastside Golf’s instantly iconic staple sweatshirt, especially this chenille patch sweatshirt in sturdy cotton. It comes in several colors and all of them would look great in the clubhouse while downing a few John Daly’s after your round.

Consider your second layer an opportunity for some bonus style. Maybe it’s a modern, luxe-looking sweatshirt like the number above. But it could also be a new take on something more traditional, like a fairway-ready cardigan.

6. Show your personality in a hat

adidas green 'season opener' hat set against a green golf background

And finally, what you all cap it off with. Literally.

A hat is a great place to show affinity for a smaller, independent brand on the golf course. So long as it’s keeping you from squinting, it’s doing its job.

When I say hat, yes, I mean a standard cap with a brim, but do not for ONE SECOND think I’m against a bucket hat. In fact, we’re very pro-bucket hat here at SG HQ.

I started Style Girlfriend to help guys look, feel, and act their best.