Cop The Coziest Men’s Winter Sweaters: L.L. Bean

Cop The Coziest Men’s Winter Sweaters: L.L. Bean

12 Days of SG Faves: L.L. Bean Shawl Collar Sweater
12 days of sg faves, men's winter sweaters, giveaway, llbean

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Dec 6 2017 | 3 min read

12 days of sg faves,

Honestly if you even knew how much great stuff we hear about every day here at SG HQ, it would blow your mind. That’s why this December, we’re spreading the wisdom around, counting down 12 Days of SG Faves. That means: stellar giveaways of stuff we love. For you! Just our way of saying ‘Happy Holidays’ from Team SG.

Today? A cozy wool henley sweater from L.L Bean to help you beat the winter chill


12 days of sg faves, giveaway, mens winter sweater

We’re giving away nine (!!) of these cozy shawl collar sweaters from L.L. Bean. You even get to pick your poison, I mean, color—from navy, charcoal, forest green, red, and oatmeal. We’ve been debating our favorite here at SG HQ (it’s currently a tie between the green and blue, but that could change by lunchtime).

Find me a man who doesn’t look good in a shawl collar sweater, and I’ll show you a man with some kind of horrible neck rash that’s slowly climbing up the side of his face and maybe oozing—just a little—around the ears. 

For the rest of you fellas, consider this my plea for each and every one of you to swath yourself in a shawl collar sweater this holiday season. The nubby lambswool says, “Fetch the reindeer!” while the stylish neckline murmurs, “Another cocktail, Mrs. Claus?”

My point being, this is one sweater that never goes out of style (and if you’re Lin-Manuel Miranda, almost never comes off your body). 


mens winter sweaters, ll bean, 12 days of SG faves

When Taylor and I drove to Maine earlier this year, she spotted a sign welcoming us when we crossed state lines that I’d never noticed before: 


All weekend long, whenever something about the quaint state struck our fancy, we’d exclaim, “How life should be!” And nothing says Maine like L.L. Bean. Since 1912, the brand has been promoting an outdoor lifestyle that a city girl like me can only aspire to. But man, if their clothes—and boots!—don’t help. 

They were heritage before heritage was a thing. Need a field coat? They’ve got you. Need a fishing rod? They’ve got you. Oh, and if you haven’t been to their epic flagship store outside of Portland? It might be time for a visit (but, er, I’d wait ’til the spring if I were you. It’s pretty cold right now…)


You know what to do at this point, but in case you’re just jumping in now…

Head over to Instagram and follow Style Girlfriend and L.L. Bean (@llbean) on Instagram, and like our latest post.

Easy, right? You can even tag friends for more chances to win—each tagged friend snags you another entry! 

You’ll have 24 hours to enter, so get to it! We’ll DM winners (US residents only!) once the window for entry has closed, so be on the lookout.

The good news is a totally new giveaway will go up tomorrow…and Thursday..and Friday…all the way to freaking December 20, so you’ve got plenty of chances to win.

Good luck, and happy holidays from team SG!

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