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Shopping Roundup: The Best Twill Pants for Guys

Twill you wear these pants?

By Megan Collins | Jan 11 2019

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Happy No Jeans January! This month we’re encouraging readers to detox from their denim with a 31-day, jeans-free wardrobe challenge. Check out our guides to chinos, dress pants, and twill pants for a whole lotta non-denim alternatives.

Hopefully by now we’ve talked you into swapping out jeans for another pair of pants… If not for the whole month, at least a few more times than usual. And y’know, that you continue that trend for eternity, too. Today, we’re sharing our favorite 5-pocket twill pants. Twill pants! They’re just like jeans, but…no, really, they’re literally just like jeans.

While I go kickstart a sure-to-be successful tagline writing business, we rounded up our team’s favorite 5-pocket pants below.

While I have you, though…

While pulling together this shopping list, as well as picks for corduroy pants and chinos (more on those next week), I had a really interesting conversation with my brother-in-law about what he considers too “out there” for the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin.

His assessment? Well, I found it a little bleak. He told me the other dads in his cul-de-sac would make fun of him for wearing anything beyond a straight-cut pair of jeans.

“They already bust my chops for cuffing my jeans, Megan.”

Apart from wondering why he cares what guys who still wear bootcut jeans (and not because GQ says they’re coming back) think, it got me really thinking about how far it makes sense for me to push you out of your comfort zone here.

So tell me—really, please tell me—what you’ll wear and what you feel like you have to skip where you live. I showed him the “cool dad” collection we put together on our shop page (with him in mind!) and he literally vetoed everything but the jeans and the grey t-shirt.

Am I way off-base here?

So, am I way off base here? Are cords crazy? Is it only guys in New York and Scott Disick who wear chelsea boots? He said the color of the Unis chinos in this No Jeans January roundup were “too yellow.” According to Unis, they’re “vintage khaki” so..khaki. They’re khaki-colored chinos.

The whole conversation really threw me because on the one hand, maybe it’s me, right? I want to think that the single, 30-something guy in New York who reads Style Girlfriend isn’t that far off from the married, 30-something in the suburbs of Chicago. They’re both firing up the ol’ computer machine’s favorite bookmarks each morning to check out the latest from Team SG. Both professionals. Both looking for a shortcut to looking more stylish without being told to wear a floral turtleneck to the office (sorry, feels like I’m really ripping on GQ today but I mean…)



We’re not looking to curate recommendations for the lowest common denominator (no offense, Bryan), but it doesn’t really do any of us any good if we’re pushing stuff here on SG that you’re like, “No. No way.” On the other hand, I don’t know how to go much farther in the other direction. If we’re not ever-so-thoughtfully suggesting you break out of your standard jeans and t-shirts with slightly hipper suggestions, what…what are we really doing? Would we really be helping anyone?

So, check out our (very normal, very mainstream) twill pants picks below, then hit the comments to let me know your thoughts!

Shop the best twill pants, from the brain trust at SG HQ:



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