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Bless This Mess

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….

Over the weekend, Style Girlfriend got an upgrade – new layout, new features – with the help of a developer I found on elance. The rejiggered site went up Friday night, but I didn’t send him my feedback until Sunday (as Saturday I went to this and after eight hours of sun, champagne, and no cell service, I pretty much collapsed into bed and was asleep by 9), so it’s not that surprising the tweaks I asked for haven’t been made yet – just frustrating to be caught in a half-finished state.

I feel like you’ve showed up to a party at my house an hour early, and I’m still in my curlers and slip (fact: I can be found in both of those things on a regular basis). Except that you’re not early, and I just watched another episode of How I Met Your Mother on netflix instead of jumping in the shower to get ready when I was supposed to. Yes, it’s just like that.

So please, avert your eyes from the mess ’til I can get everything settled. If you were at my place, I’d offer you a cocktail while I retreated to the bathroom to “put on my face.” I’ll be ready soon enough to join you.