Borrowed From the Boys: Harrington Jacket

Borrowed From the Boys: April Showers

Borrowed From the Boys: April Showers

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 18 2016 | 1 min read

A Classic Harrington Jacket, Now In His And Hers

I can honestly say last week marked the first time I actually prayed for rain.

Harrington Jacket

Normally, I wouldn’t hope for dreary weather, but on this day, the threat of April showers meant I would get to break out my new Baracuta G9 jacket.

Also known as a Harrington jacket, Baracuta’s lightweight coat was catapulted to “icon” status when menswear legend, and all-around cool guy Steve McQueen took to wearing one. Now, the British brand has birthed its twin sister – the same great jacket – water repellent and tartan-lined – but with an updated silhouette adapted for the *ahem* female figure.

Harrington Jacket

Harrington Jacket

 Tell me:

What’s your go-to rainy day gear?

…And how much am I totally channeling Steve McQueen in these pictures? Like, a lot, right? I know. It’s great.

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