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Shia, where is your tie?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 26 2017


Can we talk about this?

Shia LeBeouf has been out promoting the latest Transformers…movie? I guess that’s the technical term for whatever Michael Bay monstrosity is in store for this weekend’s Fourth of July revelers who hate sunshine and want to celebrate our nation’s independence by watching children’s toys fight on a really big screen.

Anyways. Back to Shia. Seen here heading to an appearance on Letterman yesterday and on the Today Show* this morning, the former Evens Stevens star seems to be following a theme with the whole, no-tie with a button-down buttoned all the way up to the top combo (note to self: think of a snappier term for this look).

I just….I just don’t like it. I have a friend who wears his shirts this way, and it kind of drivees me nuts. Granted, he’s kind of a hipster, but that doesn’t make him exempt from my sartorial wrath. After a couple drinks, my hand always makes its way to his neck to try and unbutton the top button without him noticing – weirdly, he always does. But it’s that, or try to sneak a necktie under his collar, which seems like it would have an even higher degree of difficulty.

To me, the look doesn’t telegraph hip and modern like LeBeouf and my friend are going for so much as… “Whoops, I spilled cocktail sauce on my tie, so I’m just going to take it off and put it in my pocket.”

Or maybe, “I can recite Pi to fifty decimals…in Latin.”

Am I making too much of this? Is the buttoned-up button down sans tie a new look I just have to get used to? Or do you agree that it’s one tie too few, or one button too many?

*An aside: I like Ann Curry. I do. In the way that you like your high school class’s vice-president – not as likeable as the president, but you respect her competence and know she’ll end up going to a better school than you. Ivy League probably, but like, Brown. Or Penn. You’d be her study partner in Spanish but probably not invite her to the house party you’re throwing the weekend your parents are going out of town.

All that to say, she seems like a nice enough lady. I have no beef with her. But she is a terrrrrrible interviewer. If you can call it that, since she seems to have problems actually asking any questions. I had to turn the sound off when she’d been talking for a full minute this morning and had yet to ask LeBeouf anything yet.