Quarantine Style: Comedian Jon Savitt

Quarantine Style: Comedian Jon Savitt

Moose slippers, Capri Sun and sweats
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Dec 6 2021 | 4 min read

Jon Savitt is a D.C.-based comedian and writer whose work has appeared on Funny or Die, Alma, and HuffPost. He’s also a prolific tweeter and “better than joke songs need to be” musician in the Weird Al Yankovic tradition. While his performances may have gone online during the Covid-19 crisis, his style hasn’t take a day off.

See what this comedian and writer is wearing during quarantine:

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The Workday

I call this “Holy shit I need a day off” on the bottom and “Can’t wait for my next Zoom call” on the top. Since I work at a creative agency, a lot of my day is filled with client video calls and meetings. As the lines between home and office increasingly overlap, dressing up (even a bit) allows me to separate the work day from the post-work day while helping me stay focused. i.e. It’s really easy for me to just wear the same sweatshirt six days in a row. 

I refuse to wear jeans though. 



Nights have always been important to me. No matter how crazy the days are, I also look forward to unwinding, reflecting, and ultimately reenergizing for whatever’s next. This often includes turning my phone on airplane mode (sorry for not texting you back, mom) and watching Netflix. And wine. There’s probably wine involved. These days, I’ve taken additional steps to ensure my nighttime comfort as I can hardly sleep.  

TL;DR I bought moose slippers.

key pieces:

Trips to CVS

Like many, I try to stay inside as much as possible. Not only because I don’t want to unexpectedly get someone sick, but also because I’m lazy. While I go for the occasional social distancing walk, the CVS by my apartment is usually my ultimate destination. I need soap and I love ice cream — so it’s basically a dream come true. Walking into CVS is what I Imagine it feels like when pro athletes walk into their home stadium. 

Also, the jacket and hat aren’t for comfort or protection or anything, just so the employees don’t recognize me when I keep buying ice cream.

key pieces:

Stir Crazy but Make it Comfort

This is a pretty typical “laying around on the weekend” outfit for me. Everyone has that one old sweater where they don’t exactly know where it came from, but it’s so comfy.

As for the sweatshorts, I like them because my body isn’t good at regulating temperature. Idk I’m not like a doctor or scientist or anything. But for me, the shorts + long sleeve shirt is a good combo when it comes to comfort.

The Capri Suns? They remind me of simpler times, but more importantly you can make mixed drinks with them. 

Everything about this photo is an obvious cry for help.

key pieces:

clothes hanger

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