Win A Cozy Throw Blanket For Winter

Win A Cozy Throw Blanket For Winter

12 Days of SG Faves: Loomstead
loomstead, cozy throw blankets for winter, 12 days of sg faves

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Dec 12 2017 | 2 min read

12 days of SG faves, giveaway, loomstead

“Wouldn’t it be cool,” we asked ourselves one day, “to just give away a bunch of stuff we liked this year?” Yes, we decided. It would be cool. So here we are! Counting down the 12 Days of SG Faves with giveaways that’ll make you gently weep tears of joy into your eggnog. Just our way of saying ‘Happy Holidays’ from Team SG.


loomstead, 12 days of sg faves, cozy throw blanket for winter, giveaway

As adults, there are certain home items that we must retire. Twin XL bed sheets. Candles that smell like cinnamon buns. “Theme” blankets.

You know the kind I mean. A humongous Pittsburgh Steelers “Terrible Towel” made entirely of static-inducing fleece in goes with nothing else in your home black and yellow. Or maybe a life-size rendering of your alma mater’s mascot on what amounts to a deconstructed sweatshirt.

The simple decor fix? A throw—don’t worry, that’s just a fancy term for a blanket—that elevates your home game the same way a Wüsthof chef’s knife instantly elevates your kitchen skills.

Bottom line? A luxe-looking throw in a beautiful neutral adds like ten points to your grown-ass man scorecard.

That’s why we’re psyched to give away this super-stylish, super-cozy Loomstead throw to four lucky winners today! The hand knit, oversized (we’re talking 50″ x 60” people!) chunky throw adds bold texture, warmth, and style to any bedroom or home. The only downside is you might not want to leave the house after receiving it.

Winners will receive either graphite or taupe, both with a silver stripe


loomstead, cozy throw blankets for winter, 12 days of sg faves

Really high-quality fabrics, super simple pieces, no frills, and fair prices. That’s Loomstead in a nutshell.

Because the company skips selling its wares in a store, Loomstead is able to offer high-end bedding and fabrics at a cost that’s considerably less so (feel free to keep that part to yourself when the compliments start rolling in). Just think: great bedding at a really great price.  

Sam Leiaghat, Loomstead’s founder, grew up in California in a family with roots in the textile industry. From Sunday morning trips to the Rose Bowl flea market hunting for vintage fabrics and furniture, to visiting factories and tradeshows as he got older, Sam’s always been focused on home decor. So it’s no surprise that he started own DTC textile business in Loomstead. 


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Competition’s getting tight, though! Only five winners today!

It’s all good, though. You can tag friends for more chances to win.

But you only have 24 hours to enter, so get to it! We’ll DM winners (US residents only!) once the window for entry has closed, so be on the lookout.

Good luck, and happy holidays from team SG!

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