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Calling All Creatives: Style Girlfriend Merch

Share your ideas with us?

My family sometimes accuses me of not sharing what’s going on in my life with them. The good, the bad, the in flux. And as we all know, I’m not great at asking for help. They swear, one year I’ll come back to Wisconsin for Christmas with a baby in my arms. “Oh, did I forget to mention…?”

But I’m getting better! And that starts here: I’ve got a request for all Style Girlfriend’s creative-minded followers. We want to make some merch—mostly because saying “merch” makes you sound cool, like you’re Justin Bieber’s tour manager, and also because it would be awesome to spot a Style Girlfriend reader out in the wild and actually know it.

The issue? I don’t know what exactly to make.

It would be great to be like of-the-moment makeup company Glossier with their branded sweatshirts that have turned all their customers into cool girl walking billboards, or the Pod Save America guys with their fun catchy slogan tees, but we promote men’s style site from the women’s pov, and it’s called Style Girlfriend, and I get that while I want all my clothing to bear our Twitter avatar, you guys probably do not.

It would also be great to have a graphic designer on staff who I could march into their office (because in this wishing world, we have a big office with hallways and conference rooms and I get to march around and barge into people’s offices and demand things of them because I’m the boss). 

“I want to make a t-shirt!” I’d say. “Or a sweatshirt! I’m not really sure! But it has to feel nice and it has to look nice and it has to be something that dudes would not be embarrassed to wear and I honestly don’t know what that is!”

Which probably has something to do with why I’m not yet a boss with hallways and designers of whom I make vague but emphatic demands.

So! Instead, I’m opening it up to the crowd at large. You guys have been with SG through thick and thin, and I would love to hear from you how you’d want to wear us on your handsome bod (not in a weird, Silence of the Lambs, “It puts the lotion in the basket” kind of way. Just in a regular way).

A tiny SG logo on a super-soft pocket tee? A saying I use all the time and have just never noticed? A design that denotes you are #SGapproved without feeling like you’re sporting some sort of red lipstick kiss from your mom on your first day of school that you wipe off before you get to the bus stop?

We’re lucky to have so many amazing, enthusiastic followers in the SG community. It would be great to give you guys a way to show your fandom AND support the site.

Oh, and if we go with your idea or design, get ready for some seriously #SGapproved swag coming your way from HQ. But know you’re all winners to me for helping pitch in.

G’wan and leave ideas in the comments below, or email us here.

Thanks! You guys are the best!