Let's Go Shopping

Dear Santa... What Style Girlfriend REALLY Wants for Christmas

{A thank you to YOU, my reader}

Earlier this month, I told you what I’m hoping to find under the tree come Christmas morning (keeping my fingers crossed for that Chanel bag!) but I do have one last wish for this holiday season – from you, my readers.

I know, I know – you have gift guides from me coming out your ears at this point. I can practically hear your exasperated sigh, “Another wish list, Megan? Really? What is there left to ask for?”

But since you’ve probably (hopefully? maybe? partially?) finished your own holiday shopping at this point, I have one last request. And you don’t even have to go to the mall to get it for me.

Here’s what I want, what I really really want, this year for Christmas:


I want you to help me spread the word about Style Girlfriend!

If you’re not already, I’d love it if you’d follow me on TwitterTumblr, Pinterest, sign up for my rss feed, and “like” SG on Facebook.

You come here every day for the female take on your style – what us ladies want to see you wearing, what you should skip entirely, and the little things you can do to up your style and make women really take notice of you. If you enjoy my musings on men’s style, and I hope you do, hopefully you’ll show your support across the web!

Then? Heck, email all your friends and tell them about me! Put a Facebook status up, letting all your friends and acquaintances know that you’re dressing better these days with a little help from your Style Girlfriend. Tweet at all your buddies telling them to follow me at @StyleGF for the skinny on what women want to see guys wearing, in 140 characters or less!

Because I love my readers, but well… I want more of ’em!

You guys are the best, and the reason I do this. That’s why I’m hoping my stocking this year is filled with even more amazing, interested, engaged new readers this holiday season.

In the new year, I’m also interested in working with brands to get me and my ugly mug out there as the face of Style Girlfriend more and more. If you work for a company or with a brand that you think might be a good fit for collaborating, please get in touch! I love spreading the word about good guys’ style online, of course, but I’m interested in video content, print, tv and more as well:

{more on that in January, by the way…}

And if I haven’t said it enough (and if that’s the case, shame on me), thank you SO so much for your support of Style Girlfriend over the past year.

The site is a success because of you all. I hope to be able to do more and better with Style Girlfriend in the new year, and you showing up every day to read what I have to say is what makes it what it is.

Thank you!

Tell me: Have you spread the word about Style Girlfriend?