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In Defense of: Female Men's Style Bloggers

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 16 2018

There’s been lots of talk on the interwebs recently about if us ladies should have a say in what guys wear. It’s become fashionable for male (and even female) style bloggers to search out street cred by telling you not to dress for or by females because…well basically because you’ll look like crap.

Essentially the criticism falls under one – or all three –  of the following lines of attack:

1) You don’t speak for all women!
2) You’re not an expert!
3) You can’t tell me what to do!

So to answer, and hopefully, rebut the above charges:

You don’t speak for all women!

1) Nope. I speak for this woman (Oh, sorry, you can’t see me smugly jabbing my thumbs in the general direction of my face? Just imagine it then). And while our parents raised us to believe we’re all unique snowflakes, many of us are, in fact, similar in many ways. Just like there are many guys who like the New York Giants, or spaghetti and meatballs, or when girls wear tank tops, there are many ladies who like guys in straight-leg, dark rinse jeans and chukka boots. I am one of them. If this look jives with your own personal style – or what you aspire to for your own personal style – then give a listen. If not, happy trails and good luck to you.

You’re not an expert!

2) No, I am not an expert, and I’ve never claimed to be. I talk about what I like, just like most people with a blog do. If you were coming here for advice on how to, say, operate a forklift, or perform open heart surgery, then I would agree that, sure, your criticism about my credentials is both valid and justified. You should most definitely be seeking out a bona fide expert for those topics of discussion. Thankfully, this site is not about operating with either bodies or heavy machinery, so you’re pretty much safe to read what I have to say without fear of bodily injury to yourself or others.

You can’t tell me what to do!
3) This one gets me most of all. I am not your new stepmother with whom you’re testing behavioral limits. I am not telling you what to do or wear or anything, and your insinuation that I am says more about you and your aversion to graciously accepting a woman’s advice than it does about my ability to capably provide it.


The truth is, you fellas need us, just like we need you.


If guys dressed with no input from girls and girls dressed with no input from guys, you’d all be in track pants, and we’d all be in baggy t-shirts with our hair tied back, and the entire population would cease to exist.

So let’s all get over ourselves, shall we? I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy (well, a few of them now – hi to all my new readers!) asking him to tuck his shirt in every so often and throw away those godawful bootcut jeans.

I’m sure I missed several of the arguments, or didn’t think of other reasons you should – or shouldn’t! – listen to me. Sound off in the comments below.