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Friday Question: How do you avoid repeat wardrobe performances?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

How do you remember what you’ve worn in a week?

I have a few go-to pieces in my wardrobe. A red skirt I love, a pair of skinny jeans that make me feel like a starlet on a Starbucks run, a cotton candy-colored rain jacket I picked up in the kids’ department at J.Crew, and a few others.

The problem is, sometimes I forget when I’ve worn what last. It’s happened – probably more often than I should admit – that one of my favorites makes an appearance two days in a row. Or several days in a week.

I’m usually good about putting everything away when I get home (since you know I take it all off right away), and for nearly everything but – ahem – undergarments, I believe in a ‘once is not enough’ policy when it comes to wears before washing. That means the already-worn gets mixed back in with the not-yet-worn, and the next morning, I go reaching for my stand-bys.

I read a tip that you should put clothes on hangers facing outwards, then turn them around after you’ve worn an item so you’ll see what’s fresh and what isn’t, but that seems like kind of a pain, and also like it would look terrible in your closet (which shouldn’t bug me, but does). And what of the things that get folded not hung? What then?

Tell me: do you ever wear the same clothes two days in a row, or multiple times in a week? Has anyone noticed? What are your strategies for avoiding unintentional repeat wardrobe performances?