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How To: Get Your Girl To Watch Sports With You

Go team go!

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Intern Emily tackles the burning question so many guys have: How do you get your non-sports-loving girl to (happily) watch the game with you? 

A pressing issue.

So my guy came to visit me at school this past weekend. Since trips like these are relatively rare due to distance and busy schedules, I was psyched to spend some hardcore couple time together, doing nothing but dreamily gazing into each other’s eyes.

Because here’s the thing: Ladies loooove quality couple time.

And they will take it however they can get it. Errands at the mall. Yard work. And yes, the standing (and much-maligned) “date night.” If these couple time activities seem less than appealing, getting us to want to watch the game could increase your twosome time and decrease the time we spend discussing how we never have any twosome time. Meaning it’s worth your while to learn to sweet talk us into sports.

On Saturday, there was a big important game on…though, when are games not big and important this time of year? (Texas A&M vs. Auburn…and yes, I had to ask). Not even a white monokini-clad Kim Kardashian could have peeled his eyes away from the TV during this game. I begrudgingly sat and watched, though the only part I was interested in was that Texas was wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness month. Kinda swoon-worthy in my book.

Penn State Football has the largest student section in the nation. An unwritten rule states you must stand the entire length of the game. Hey, it ain’t easy folks.

Tailgate-Penn State vs. Navy. Wayyyy more interested in the spotted men in uniform than the actual game

Maybe you’ve been in this type of situation where you really want to watch the game, but the GF wants to do something else…like anything else.

Rest assured, there are ways to get us to comply. Happily, even.

Step 1.

Compliment her that morning.

A small compliment can go a long way. If I’m having one of those days where you’re saying things that make me all warm and tingly inside, I’m approximately 80% more likely to defer to your plans, like watching the game with you.

Step 2.

Make us feel like you want us to watch with you.

We just want to feel wanted. We want to be the guys’ girl you brag about to all your friends. Give us a chance by including us and not treating us like beer and snack vending machines during the game. I’m telling you, half the reason we don’t want to watch (other than we have no idea what’s going on and/or don’t understand the general rules of the game) is because we feel invisible once you’ve parked yourself in front of the TV.

(i.e., combining steps 1 & 2–> “Come sit by me, beautiful.” )

Step 3.

Don’t assume the rest of our plans for the day/night are a no-go because there’s a game on.

Thank goodness for DVR. I know it’s “not the same” but we will gladly record the game for you if we already made plans before you knew about the big important game.

And if not, promise your girl you’ll take her out after the game or that next weekend you’re all hers, not the TV’s.

Step 4.

Wine and dine us.

Make the effort and put a little extra thought into date night (or date day, depending on when the game is). We’re happy to watch the game after we’ve been wined and dined a little (emphasis on the “wined”).

Step 5.

Answer all her questions.

And keep a patient tone through any confusion over the difference between a touchdown and a touchback; your annoyance will only frustrate her more.  If I knew what was going on, I’d be a lot more interested. Knowledge is power!

…Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to never miss a crucial game again. Who knows? Your lady might even join your fantasy football league next season and count down the minutes until halftime is over with you.

After all, what’s really more important in a relationship than spending good, quality time together? We love spending time with you, and sitting on the couch chowing down on some nachos together and learning about the finer points of the game is way more fun than trips to Costco or pulling weeds.  So make this a win-win for both of us. And remember, it’s the little things that matter the most. Like not calling us your beer wench when asking for another Miller Lite.

Tell us:

What are your secrets to keeping the GF planted next to you during a game?

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