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The Home Gift Guide

The Home Gift Guide
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2021 gifts for home

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: May 3 2022

It’s good to go back to the basics. That’s why this year, we went heavy on stylish gift ideas for home in this 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

We’re still all spending more time at home, so it’s no surprise gifts for sprucing up your surroundings are more popular than ever.

2021 gifts for home

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Whether you’re an OG part of the SG community, or new around here (welcome!), get ready to knock out your wish list and your shopping list.

Shop holiday gift ideas for home:

Velograph custom cycling art, $49

Why it’s a great gift: Designed by bike-loving map nerds, head to Velograph to create a custom cycling map.

Just punch in an address and the platform renders a map of a sixty minute bike ride.

Fredericks & Mae Palo Santo Incense, $18

Fredericks & Mae Palo Santo Incense, $30

Why it’s a great gift: Palo santo may remind you of your DMB-loving days, but it’s back in a big way.

Light it like a smudge stick and let it smoke out for a pleasantly hippie-ish home scent.


“The Joy of Basketball” book, $28

Why it’s a great gift: Coffee table books are always a good idea. And an even better one when it’s a topic the recipient actually cares about.

The Sill plant

The Sill Calathea Medallion in planter, $67

Why it’s a great gift: If you’re ever going to become someone who’s good with plants, now is the time.

Animalist Art

Animalist Art, from $67

Why it’s a great gift: With a few clicks, you’ll create a work of art worthy of your four-legged companion.

Just select your dog or cat breed from over 150 options, and choose the design, color, and size of poster. It’s that simple.


target welcome doormat

Target doormat, $13

Why it’s a great gift: A doormat is one of those things you can look at every day and know needs attention but you just keep bypassing. Like flossing for your front hallway.

It’s why giving a new (totally affordable!) doormat as a gift is so thoughtful and unexpected. Pair it with a bottle of wine or a small plant for a thoughtful host gift at the holidays.


Dusen Dusen for Areaware tissue box, $35

Dusen Dusen for Areaware tissue box, $35

Why it’s a great gift: A tissue box makes a great gift at the holidays because the recipient will wind up using it sooner rather than later, and they’ll have something nice to think about (“Look at this lovely tissue holder my friend/cousin/beloved co-worker gave me!”) rather than dwelling on the cold they’re nursing.

Designer Ellen Van Dusen originally launched Dusen Dusen as a womenswear line known for its bold, original prints before expanding into home goods.

The collection is inspired by fine art and commercial design, as well as the brain’s reaction to color, movement, and contrast.



Havenly x Skillshare decorating class

Havenly & Skillshare “Interior Design Basics” online class

Why it’s a great gift: Online learning: kind of a bummer when it’s mandated by the threats of a global pandemic…kind of fun when you’re doing it for fun!

This virtual class from online decorating service Havenly will give you the basics for zhushing up your space on your own.


Spiritless kentucky 74 bottle

Spiritless Kentucky 74, $36

Why it’s a great gift: We’d bet that a lot of people will be setting a resolution around drinking less—or not at all—in 2021.

It’s easy to get into the habit of pouring a glass of wine, crafting a cocktail, or cracking open a beer at 5pm (okay, 4:59) when working from home. Spiritless is a new, distilled non-alcoholic spirit for use in bourbon cocktails.

Their Kentucky 74 has the smoke, oak, and vanilla notes you’d find in a Kentucky bourbon, but with 0.5% ABV.


homesick latkes and lights candle

Homesick Latkes and Lights candle, $34

Why it’s a great gift: Candles are as easy to snag as gift cards, but somehow come off much more thoughtful.

Take advantage of that!


Sonia Kashuk bathroom counter organizer

Sonia Kashuk bathroom organizer, $13

Why it’s a great gift: Technically this is a makeup organizer, but if you or a loved one shares a bathroom, you’ll know there’s plenty of equal opportunity organizing to be done.


Jiggy Just a Snack 800-Piece Puzzle

Jiggy ‘Just A Snack’ 800-piece puzzle, $49

Why it’s a great gift: A work designed by Seattle-based artist Emma Repp, each JIGGY puzzle comes in a reusable glass jar and includes a tube of glue, a straight-edge tool for completing a frame-worthy masterpiece.


Joanna Howard Lagom throw blankets, gift ideas for home

Joanna Howard Home “Lagom” throw blanket, $150

Black-owned biz!

Why it’s a great gift: Much like candles, throw blanket are a universally acknowledged “good” gift.

Who can’t use another blanket in their house? It gets chilly! Bring on the blankets!


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