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The Guy's Guide to Wearing Yellow

How to shine in this sunny hue

By Style Girlfriend | Apr 20 2018

Our Spring Style Guide is presented in partnership with Uniqlo USA

Yellow is one of those colors that can feel tricky to incorporate into your wardrobe (apart from a rain slicker, anyway), but don’t give up so fast! The sunny hue is surprisingly versatile. Plus, spring is a great time to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Below, learn how to wear yellow this spring:


Luckily, you’ve got plenty of color combinations to work with when it comes to yellow: it looks great when paired with sage, light blue, pink, and even lavender. You can combine shades through color-blocking, or mixed into patterns.


Just like there are few things as refreshing as a glass of cold lemonade on a warm day, there are few colors that refresh your wardrobe like splashing it with a dose of yellow.

Those of you with warmer skin tones, take note: a bright lemon-y yellow is your color. For you, this shade really pops. When you have lighter to fair skin, a mustard or dark yellow will best complement your coloring. Pastel yellow can work on you as well, but make sure you don’t end up looking washed you out. For those with darker skin tones, congratulations! You can wear pretty much any yellow, from light to dark.


You can wear yellow in a foundational piece of an outfit (as in, a sweater or pants) or as an accent (hello-o-o-o fun socks!). As the weather warms up, a pair of laid-back shorts or a linen shirt in bright or muted yellow will look and feel just right.

Just remember: Yellow is a “one and done” color. Wear only one piece at a time in the shade, or you’ll wind up looking like the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. That’s a look best left for Halloween.

If incorporating yellow feels like too much for you, start small with doses of yellow in a tie, pocket square, or socks.

// How to Wear Yellow at the Office //

jacket: Adam Scott x Uniqlo, $60 | shirt: Uniqlo, $30 | pants: Adam Scott x Uniqlo, $40 | belt: Uniqlo, $30

 SG Says: Incorporate yellow into accessories for a subtle injection of color into your workday wardrobe.

// How to Wear Yellow on the Weekend //

seersucker shirt: Uniqlo, $20 | chinos: Uniqlo, $40 | cardigan: Uniqlo, $50

sunglasses: Uniqlo, $15 | hat: Uniqlo, $20

SG Says: A seersucker shirt in yellow and white pairs nicely with sage or army green chinos and a colorful, nautically-inspired bracelet on your wrist.



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