BB Cream for Guys: Skincare as Makeup

The face lotion that acts like makeup

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 9 2018

Do you remember that Home Improvement episode where the oldest one (I forget his name…I forget all their names except Wilson. Remember Wilson? “Hi ho neighbor!” Yep, I’m such a dork; why do you guys trust me?!) was going to a dance, but he had a big zit on his face?

So the mom pulled out her makeup bag and put concealer over it, and at first, he was all, “Mo-o-o-o-m!” but then looked in the mirror saw how much better his skin looked, and was, like, “This is awesome!” And then the next thing you know he’s showing all his soccer bros how to apply makeup at the family kitchen table?

That always made so much sense to me.

Why wouldn’t guys take advantage of the same tools available to us ladies when it comes to putting your best foot, err, face forward?

That’s why I love recommending bb cream for guys.

Not that I’m even all that good with it – I have the very basics down: a little bit of blush (or “rouge” as a guy friend who apparently is 60 years old called it the other day), some eyeliner when I’m feeling fancy, a swipe of lipstick. But I would give it all up if I could just hold on to my BB cream.

Before and After with bb cream (that white bit is toothpaste on the mirror. Only the best production value for you!)

So, what is BB Cream?

This face product, already huge in Asia before finding its way stateside, combines moisturizer with SPF, what us ladies—and hopefully you fellas, too—put on each morning, and foundation. That’s the liquid stuff ladies often apply after moisturizer to make our skin look more even-toned.

How do I know which kind to buy?

BB cream comes in several shades, so you choose the one that matches the closest to your skin tone. It feels like a heavy-ish face lotion, but provides color and coverage like makeup. The best of both worlds!

When do I wear BB cream?

Personally, I don’t wear BB cream every day because the kind I use is not that big and I am cheap. I use it when I’m feeling extra blotchy – hello late nights/booze/ravages of winter!  Or if I break out across my forehead or chin (which, okay, can happen from time to time and GEEZ CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY).

The effects? Amazing. You can see the difference in the picture above; all I’m wearing is BB cream, no other makeup yet, and I’m like a new Style Girlfriend! I could walk out the door wearing just the BB cream and feel totally fine for the day.

How do I apply BB cream?

Sometimes if I want to just even out my skin tone without going into a full-on makeup routine with foundation and concealer, I’ll mix some BB cream into my daily moisturizer for just a light, all-over tint.

If I want more thorough coverage, I put about a dime-size amount of BB cream on my index and middle fingers and rub it into my face (try not to get your whole hand involved, or more will end up coating your palms than on your face).

So, BB cream for guys is a totally normal thing to add to my dopp kit?

When I think back on that Home Improvement episode, I recognize the pangs of inequality felt even then. Why shouldn’t guys be able to cover up a zit here or there?

Now that I’m older, I feel for men just the same. Wouldn’t you want to cover the blotchy redness lingering after a late night out with the boys, or a late night at the office? What about to hide the effects of some adult acne?

As a full-fledged female, I just want you to know that I am TOTALLY fine with you trying this. Maybe, like me, you wouldn’t wear it every day, or maybe you’d mix it in with your regular (manly) moisturizer for just a tiny bit of color that makes your face appear a little more even-toned.

Do me a favor, go into your girlfriend/wife/we’re not into labels’ bathroom cabinet tonight and see if she has any BB cream. If she’s got some, give it a try tomorrow morning, and see how you feel. I swear you’ll be stealing glimpses of yourself in window reflections, and getting compliments on how great you look from co-workers.

But hey, don’t do it for me. And don’t do it if you think it’s crazy. My point is just that, as a lady type, I don’t think it’s crazy to jump on the BB cream bandwagon.

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