Halloween Costumes for Guys (that don’t make you look like a d-bag)

Halloween Costumes for Guys (that don’t make you look like a d-bag)

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 1 min read

Halloween is one of the best holidays but let’s be honest, finding the perfect costume can be stressful. Whether you have a girl or are going solo, here are several costumes you can’t go wrong with.

Costumes for a guy on the prowl:

1. Where’s Waldo

Halloween Costumes for Guys


This costume is easily recognized and a lot of fun to act out. Spend the night popping up in people’s pictures!

2. Clark Kent- Superman

Halloween Costumes for Guys Shirt /Button up/Jacket/Tie/Glasses

This classic superhero costume can made up of stuff you already have in your closet!

3. Alan from The Hangover

Halloween Costumes for Guys


All the ladies will be cracking up at this. Extra points if you can pull off a few movie quotes!

Costumes if you’re part of a couple:

1. Partners in Crime

Halloween Costumes for Guys


You’ll definitely be getting in lots of trouble with this costume! Wear it with black and white or add your own twist to it.

2. Mickey and Minnie

Halloween Costumes for Guys

Sweater/Pants/Shoes/Ears and gloves


This classic pairing guarantees an adorable costume. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?

3. Gru and a minion from Despicable Me

Halloween Costumes for Guys

 Jacket/Pants/Shoes/Scarf/Bald wig

Despicable Me is an adorable movie and your girlfriend will love the idea of this funny pairing.

Tell us:

Do you dress up for Halloween? Who (or what!) do you plan on going as this year?

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