How Was Your Week: Wisconsin Edition

How Was Your Week: Wisconsin Edition

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 28 2019 | 2 min read

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A little slow on the draw this morning for me – my watch’s time and the actual time are not currently in sync, so my scheduling’s a little off.

So, now that you’re all settled in to your desk at work but are completely checked out mentally because it’s Friday and who gets anything done on Friday AAaannywayssss, tell me:

How was your week?

Okay, sure why not, I’ll start.


Still looking for designer/developers that can help me whip Style Girlfriend into web perfection (webfection?). If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone, please let me know. I pay in cupcakes and compliments (no just kidding, please know I’m kidding)


Fun fall activities!

I’m in Wisconsin this weekend (did I mention I was going to be in Wisconsin this weekend? Because I am. And now you know), which obviously lends itself to doing nature-y fall-tpe things. Tomorrow I’m doing 5k with my sister in hopefully “crisp, possibly “freezing” weather, and on Sunday the whole fam’s headed to a pumpkin patch/apple picking extravaganza with my niece and nephew which will be both adorable and delicious. Hopefully less freezing.


U2. There are certain bands and musicians who were made for autumn (Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, and Ben Harper among them), U2 is easily a part of that list.

When I lived in NYC back in 2001, I saw them on their Elevation tour and got in line early enough in the day with my general admission ticket to be able to stand inside the heart that was connected to the stage that Bono strutted around.

With Garbage as the opening act (Madison natives! …plus one Scottish frontwoman), it was easily the best concert I ever attended. That was September or October of that year, so they’ll forever be linked with this season for me.


Literally everything in sight. I had grilled cheese with tomato soup for lunch yesterday – is there a more perfect fall lunch? – and my palate cleanser was cheese and crackers. Some women carry baby weight, I carry dairy weight.


Everyone in my life who is awesome – and there are a lot of those people! A couple weeks ago I was in kind of a funk about people who are lame, but the good thing is…they don’t matter! This week, I’m doing a much better job remembering that.


Thanksgiving! Being in Wisconsin now just gets me excited about being back in Wisconsin next month. Thanksgiving is easily my most favorite holiday – once the excitement of birthdays kind of waned, and the cost of Christmas crept up, my love of holidays easily falls squarely on the shoulders of the one day a year that’s dedicated to nothing more than eating and watching parades/football (depending on what television events excite you).


…Chime in in the comments, and tell me: How was your week??

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