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Should Guys Wear Tank Tops? SG Investigates

Are sleeveless tops a stylish option for guys?

Should guys wear tank tops?

That is, my friend, the question.

I never want to tell you what you shouldn’t wear more often than I tell you what you’d look great in. Always saying “Don’t wear this,” “You can’t pull that off” is a real style downer, amirite? And I especially don’t want to scare anyone off from trying to improve their style by being mean (I do that enough in real life).

So then, here’s how I’m going to position the topic I want to talk about today: You know what I love? Sleeves on guys.

I love when guys wear shirts…that have sleeves. Short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeves that button, sleeves that can be rolled up at the forearm, or even sleeves that hit at the [shoulder muscle] and can be rolled up above a guy’s shoulder…if it’s really, really hot out.

Do you guys get what I’m saying here? I love sleeves…on guys…even when it’s hot out, and you’d probably rather be wearing fewer clothes, and, hey, girls wear tank tops why can’t I, and they have a bunch on sale at Urban Outfitters, and I saw Vince on Entourage wearing one once and I dunno, maybe I could pull it off….?

I love sleeves even then.

So we’re good here, right?

*Also, every time I say the words “tank top” I think of this amazingly hypnotic video of Miley Cyrus cleaning out her closet on YouTube. Go watch it, really, you’ll thank me. Well, no you won’t, but you’ll be walking around saying, “It’s like…a tank top” for days afterwards…so there’s that.