LA Business Journal: How Style Girlfriend will change Hollywood
LA Business Journal: How ‘Style Girlfriend’s’ Megan Collins and bloggers like her will change Hollywood

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

Some interesting new press in LA Business Journal on my continuing efforts to take over the world:


The only thing to note is that, on the second page I’m misquoted as saying, “Print is dead” which is absolutely not something I believe or would say. I did make the point to the journalist that so much content is created today that exists solely online, and that a lot of people make their living this way rather than through print journalism, but I don’t want to disparage print media, a medium I absolutely respect and think will endure.

My partnership with wire service McClatchy-Tribune should be evidence enough of that point. Every week, a Style Girlfriend column is picked up by newspapers across the country, ranging from the Miami Herald to the L.A. Times. I’m ecstatic every time I see my words in print.

I’ve asked the publication to amend the article, but it hasn’t happened yet, so just wanted to call it out here. So, apart from that, enjoy!