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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Women

Cross off the last item on your list

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 11 2020

I don’t want to stress you out, but this is our last gift guide of the season! Christmas is in just six days! Hanukkah is already over, for pete’s sake! If you’re still peeking through the “I have time to shop” window, your chance for free shipping before December 25 is narrowing by the day.

So we’re out of the game. We’ve given you our best ideas, like CBD-infused soda, jewelry for the boss base in your life, and more. Like, way, way more. If you’re almost through your list, and just need last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffers for your lady love? Don’t worry, Style Girlfriend’s got you covered.

Below, 10 last minute gift ideas for her she’ll love:

Curie hand sanitizer, $14

At this point, there’s no reason your hand sanitizer shouldn’t look as chic as your hand lotion.

J.Crew blue light glasses, $40

Save her eyes from all that Zoom time.

Glossier Balm Dot Com, $12

You can never go wrong with lip balm. Never.

Brixton beanie, $19

A bright color means you can spot her in a snow storm.

Everlane ribbed wool cashmere socks, $22

Cashmere socks are always a good idea.

Invisibobble scrunchie, $8

Impress her with your hair accessory game by telling her this is the scrunchie Jason Momoa uses.

KNC Beauty eye mask 5-pack, $25

Another black-owned biz, these shooting star eye masks contain retinol for hydrating and depuffing.

Target portable power bank, $25

Never be without a charge again.

Olive & June manicure tool, $16

This might look silly, but (well-manicured) hand to God, it works like a charm for at-home nail polish jobs.

1. Patchology sheet mask, $5 — Sheet masks are literally the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer present. They’re available at any drugstore (probably even gas station at this point), and they’re cheap. Like, $5 and under cheap.

2. Lands’ End fuzzy socks, $12 — You cannot go wrong giving a woman fuzzy socks. You just can’t. How can you dislike a gift that says, “Hey baby, wear these socks to bed. Hell, wear them in bed. I’ll still find you sexy.”

3. Cha Cha Matcha ceremonial powder, $50 — If you live in New York, have ever been to New York, or are on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen Cha Cha Matcha’s banana leaf wallpapered social media thirst trap of a store. Thankfully, the matcha lives up to the hype, and now the company sells their ceremonial grade matcha powder online, too.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch pom pom hat, $15 — We talk about A&F so much at this point, they should probably sponsor Style Girlfriend (hey, call us!) But how can you be mad at timeless, affordable staples like cute beanies and surprisingly stylish winter coats?

5. FEED pins, $20 — Oops, this trio of holiday pins sold out before this gift guide went live, but there’s lots of good stuff still available in FEED’s holiday shop that supports the organization’s mission of providing free, nutritious school lunches to help break the cycle of poverty and empower children to change their lives.

6. Wet ‘n Wild highlighter stick, $3 — Just so you can impress her with your understanding of what “highlighter” is (or at least your knowledge that it exists).

7. Wild Fable scrunchies, $6 — Did you hear? Scrunchies are back. Yeah, we’re not sure how we feel about it, either. But hey, for six bucks, it doesn’t hurt to help your lady jump on the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before-boosted trend bandwagon.

8. Nivea Creme tin, $1 — Tiny and cute. You might want to buy one for yourself, too (ahem, more on that here).

9. Deborah Lippman “Undressed” nail polish set, $34 — The idea that one shade encompasses what “nude” means and looks like is over. This nail set includes six light to medium polishes with warm, cool and neutral undertones to cover all colors of women in an “undressed” state.

10. Mini Tarot Card Deck + Guide Book, $13 — When you cannot play one more game of Apples to Apples.

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