Letter from the Editor: An Announcement for April

Letter from the Editor: An Announcement for April

Changing it up at SG HQ

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 1 2017 | 3 min read

New month, new mission!

Guys, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tony Robbins lately, and I’ve gotta say: all this motivational speaking stuff has really had an impact on me. This past week alone, I burned through at least two, three years of the life coach’s podcast archives, and truly, I’m a changed woman.

Robbins’ whole thing is about bringing into being the life you want for yourself through the sheer will of shifting your mental state. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible,” he says.

So, what do I want to make visible in my life? What reality can I manifest? A reality where I’ve got a sh*t ton of money.

We’re talking lots and lots (and lots) of money. Big houses. Fancy cars. Maybe a boat? I might look good on a boat, but I do get seasick easily…

So I haven’t decided on the boat. But the money part? Definitely. We’re talking: not immediately walking to the sale section at Rag & Bone every time I enter the store kind of money. Where to start? Right here, of course.

Turning this invisible wealth into visible wealth that’s so visible it’s spilling out of my wallet and making bank accounts for my bank accounts starts with goal-setting. So from now on, I’ve set a goal for myself and the entire team that we’ll only be featuring the kinds of things I’ll soon be able to afford once I de-invisible-ize (?) all that money. We’re talking: things that are very, very expensive.

Starting today, Style Girlfriend will exclusively feature items $500 or more, and $100 or more for grooming and accessory items. From Saint Laurent leather jackets to John Lobb monk straps, Aesop soap to La Mer lotion. Steals and deals need not apply.

Sure, not all of you will be able to afford everything on the site anymore, or, okay, maybe even anything on the site. I certainly won’t be able to, nor will most of my friends or family. But have you stopped to consider that maybe that just goes to show that we all need to mentally shift to a winner’s mindset, too? And a winner’s mindset says, I will someday walk out of the Vetements store with a $700 Hanes t-shirt and my head held high.

If you don’t start manifesting magnificent wealth by shopping only for clothes you can’t afford, what’s even the point? At least, that’s what I’m sure Tony would say if he was reading this right now.

…Or maybe he’d say, Happy April Fool’s Day!

Hopefully you guys know by now that I believe you can start living with more style today, no salary bump required.

That means, we feature clothes, accessories, and grooming products at a range of price points here on Style Girlfriend, and we always will. I absolutely encourage you to invest where you can, but hey, I get it. Not everything gets to be a splurge.

My April Fool’s wish (is that a thing?) for you is that you always feel comfortable and confident coming to Style Girlfriend for advice you can put to use TODAY, no matter your size, your age, or your budget.

Hope this didn’t catch anyone too off-guard; I always get nervous about jokes like this that run the risk of going afoul of intention, which was just to have a little fun. I think I’ve seen too many America’s Funniest Videos clips where someone gets surprised and ends up walloping the surpriser (?) in the nuts.

Please don’t wallop me in the nuts for this. Thanks guys.

x, M

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