New Podcast: on How to Shoot Your Shot, Proposing at Chipotle, and What to Do When the Robots Take Over

New Podcast: on How to Shoot Your Shot, Proposing at Chipotle, and What to Do When the Robots Take Over

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By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

Oh hey wow it’s me again!
Back with your fearless leader Megan in another hot-off-the-digital-presses podcast. As she was editing the audio, Megan informed me that I had quite a few good “soundbites” this time around… So get ready for that.

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First up…

Megan has a lot of thoughts about online shopping and the future of AI in fashion, and more than a few feelings about the new Amazon Echo Look. The “Style Check” technology includes a voice-activated camera, designed to provide a tech-supplied second opinion on your outfits.
So, does artificial intelligence have a place in your personal style? And why Amazon would choose people who already have great personal style—aka fashion bloggers—to promote the device, when it seems like people who don’t have great style would be their target demo… ? We just…we don’t get it.
And at the end of the day, who needs Amazon Echo Look when you’ve got SG!?

Moving right along

We dig deep into a seemingly simple reader question. How can guys “shoot their shot” when it comes to romance?

I won’t lie to you, our advice wandered all over the place, starting from the end result and working our way towards how to get started. First, though, Megan had to explain to me who the heck Shea Serrano is. Then, we were rolling.
Since we know we can’t go all Nike on you, shouting, “Just Do It!™” and abruptly end the podcast, we instead shared all kinds of ideas ranging from asking a trusted friend for input to testing the waters with a little **FLIRTING** before the grand gesture (or, dare I say, bold move!). Because trust me, we get that this whole love connection thing is easier said than done.

And finally…

This week’s hot takes are indeed hot.
Megan can’t really get over the fact that major fashion designer and confirmed very good-looking rich person Marc Jacobs proposed to his boyfriend at a Chipotlewith a flashmob. Yes, that thing people were really obsessed with in 2011 that got pretty old, pretty quickly (in my opinion! Megan loves it!).
And you know what? It’s fine! It’s endearing and seemed like a genuine surprise. TL:DR we love love.
And you know what else we love? A man named Sam Barsky who knits sweaters that look like landmarks and then takes pictures of himself in said sweater in front of said landmark. It’s charming and endearing and one of the bravest displays of personal style on the Internet.. At least according to us.
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