May 2017 Favorites

May 2017 Favorites

Purple Toothpaste and Pop Music
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 11 2018 | 6 min read

Sitting on this beach chair, wearing a very skimpy two-piece and soaking up the sun while the surf laps at my toes, I find myself reflecting on the month that was….

…No, I’m just kidding. I never remember to make plans for Memorial Day weekend, so I’m currently wrapping up the work week and writing this “may 2017 picks” post from the library near my apartment where, just now, in response to being hushed, a man said in his defense, “Sorry, I’ve never been here before.” To which I wonder, does that mean he typically frequents other libraries that have a more lax talking policy, or is this his first time being exposed to the concept of libraries at all, and is simply unaware of the universally-accepted quiet policy?

Anyways. I’m about to knock off for the long weekend myself. Earlier today I gave blood (they’re always calling me for donations because I’ve got great blood – the best blood), but I’m craving a michelada. So I’m going to do what any responsible adult would do in my situation: go spike my blood sugar with some dumplings so I don’t pass out after one drink.

Below, my favorite finds in May 2017. Share your own faves in the comments:


 Stars, they just like Space!

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Image via Coach

It feels like NASA is really “having a moment” in the fashion world. Before you literally throw up on your computer or phone screen, know that I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Our country’s space program is not a trend like dabbing or the Hadid sisters, and yet….here we are. Coach has a collab with the space program coming out this fall, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll spot plenty of celebs (like Pharrell, Anne Hathaway and Future) all sporting space-themed gear. Bonus points if it looks vintage.

Take your style to infiinity (and beyond, duh) with these NASA-adorned gear:


A Color Science Approach to Teeth Whitening

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Photo by David Yi via Very Good Light

Awhile back I saw SG pal David Yi taking for a test spin a purple toothpaste that uses color-correcting techniques to help whiten teeth without peroxide.

I had to try it for myself. My chompers aren’t bad, but my sister was born with perfectly straight, blindingly white teeth, and I’m pretty sure nothing short of veneers will soothe the jealous rage that burns within me about this inherited slight.

PopWhite peroxide-free toothpaste and rinse correct yellow stains on teeth without sensitivity. Why purple? Complementary colors, when mixed, cancel each other out. Since purple and yellow are complements, the toothpaste and rinse are meant to cancel out the visibility of yellow dental stains.

Of course, as soon as that men’s fashion money starts to roll in, I still intend to knock out all my teeth and replace them with beautiful ceramic chiclets (I think that’s how the process works?), but in the meantime, I’ll try any whitening agent that won’t aggravate my sensitive teeth.


Cool Computer Glasses (Really)

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Image via Felix Gray

Staring at screens seems to be a necessary evil in today’s increasingly digital-first world (go outside today and interact with people? lol no thanks), so it’s no surprise that 60% of Americans report symptoms of “Digital Eye Strain” from eye fatigue and dry eyes, to headaches, and even blurred vision.

I’m near-sighted, meaning I only ever wear glasses for driving at night and while watching fancy movies with subtitles…okay fine, the last movie I saw in the theatres was 2 Fast 2 Furious, but you never know when Charlize Theron’s going to break out into Russian or something.

I’d never considered trying computer glasses to protect my eyes because, well, they all look super nerdy, which is why I was psyched to discover Felix Gray. A perfect marriage of fashion and function, the lenses filter blue light and eliminate glare, making for less eyestrain and fewer headaches, while the Italian acetate frames get all the ‘gram likes.


So much good TV

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How am I supposed to leave my house, you guys?

This week I spent two and a half hours giving platelets at the New York Blood Center giving platelets (holler back all my AB-negative homies!!), and in between squeezing a bouncey ball and becoming disconcertingly light headed, I watched Hasahn Minaj’s new Netflix special, Homecoming King. His cultural commentary and observational humor are like an Aziz Ansari set as interpreted by Mike Birbiglia. Really thoughtful. Very funny. Great dance moves. Highly recommend.

In addition to that, a few favorites came back this month – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and if I haven’t already mentioned it, Great News …or did that come out last month? Doesn’t matter. It’s so good I’m happy to recommend it here again.

Calling it now: Fey/Wigfield 2020


Song of the Summer 2017??

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Who’s ready for the annual (and sometimes endless) “What’s gonna be the song of the summer y’alll?!!?” debate?

Personally, I can’t get enough of Miley Cyrus’s “Malibu” (while acknowledging my problematic playlist), but I don’t know if it’s enough of a bop to win SotS. Damn, though, the line “I never would have believed you if three years ago you’d told me I’d be here writing this song / but here I am / next to you…” guts me every time, then fills that space where the guts used to be with hopeful optimism about the potential for love rekindled in this cold, cruel world of ours.

Beyond that, I’m still sort of looking around waiting for someone to heat up the race. In my mind, DJ Khaled’s got a strong contender on his hands with “I’m the One” but I also thought the song he put out earlier this spring with Beyonce and Jay-Z, “Shining”, was a lock, so what do I know? But this one has Justin Bieber, and if my intern who keeps spotting him at Soho House and calmly freaking out on Slack is any indication, he’s still quite popular with the kids these days.

I made a playlist of early bets; leave your hot SotS take in the comments below.



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