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Men of Style: Michael Bublé

Fellas, can I talk some real talk to you for a second? I don’t want to make you feel insecure, or like I don’t love you and only you anymore, because I do. You know I do. But I just watched Michael Bublé perform on this week’s Saturday Night Live, and, well, he pretty much made my pants fall off. 

Singing carols from his inescapable Christmas album, he performed on stage and in sketches for some serious 360-degree audience charming, me obviously included. Why do you care? Because just like athletes watch game tape of their next opponents, it can be a useful exercise to get up to speed on your competition. And make no mistake – celebrities, or rather, the idea of celebrities – are your competition. That’s why I’m here to provide some insight into the inner workings of the ever-confusing female mind. Chances are there’s one or two celebs your lady goes gaga for (see what I did there?) whose appeal you just can’t fathom. That Twilight guy? But he’s so pale! The barely legal Justin Bieber? She could be his mother, if she’d made different choices in high school. I know. I know. We don’t make any sense.

So allow me to draw back the curtain, and show you what you can steal about being a man of style from Michael Bublé.

Lord knows I love me some Christmas carols (cough*all year round*cough), but Bublé’s real draw – and forgive me for beating a dead horse of a hashtag – but the man is working some motherfucking swag that deserves its own slow clap.

For me, Michael Bublé falls into the category of famous faces I find myself attracted to while recognizing that, take away his star status, and he probably wouldn’t turn my head on the street (other examples: Jay-Z, Jason Segel, Aaron Rodgers, Lyor Cohen, Joe Biden.. I could go on but won’t). Like these gentlemen, Bublé has that “something special” that makes ladies swoon.

As I see it, the…oof, “Canadian crooner” is what I just typed, but this isn’t Just Jared sooo…the singer has three things going for him – and not one of them is a strong jawline. Apply them to your own life as you see fit:

1. He dresses up all the time. Yes, Bublé’s voice lends itself to a suited-up Rat Pack style, but you don’t need a reason to look sharp. I mean, look at him in this tux! He is pwning that damn tuxedo.

2. He has a sense of humor. Bublé looked like he was having a great time during his songs, and he more than held his own in a sketch playing opposite a Bieber-impersonating Jimmy Fallon (and who can forget Hamm & Buble?). Have fun in whatever you do and try not to take yourself too seriously.

3. He can sing. Okay, sure, maybe your talent isn’t contemporary smooth jazz, but you’ve definitely got something that makes you special and sets you apart. Figure out what that is as soon as you can, then exploit it to get chicks! Boom – Bubléd.

**hmm, this could become a regular segment, unless it horrifies you to hear me going all fan girl over other fellas. let me know what you think.

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