Office Style: The Guys of ASOS

Office Style: The Guys of ASOS

Adventurous trends meet accessible style
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By Brittany Hammonds | Last Updated: Apr 6 2022 | 5 min read

At the U.S. headquarters of the global online shopping destination, ASOS, you’ll find no shortage of cutting edge trends coupled with an effortless approach to dressing with confidence.

Nestled in a bustling shopping mecca, their SoHo showroom falls in lockstep with the brand’s adventurous yet accessible style ethos. It’s a type of environment – fostered by their impeccably, authentically dressed staffers – that would encourage you to try a longline souvenir jacket without downplaying the power of a perfectly tailored charcoal suit. I took to the streets of New York with said stylish employees to chat about sampling trends, dressing with confidence, and style inspiration.

Inside everyday style at ASOS with four stylish staffers:

Spencer Cain; Fashion and News Editor, ASOS US


“I like trying to take a piece of every trend.”

On the office dress code: Is super relaxed and casual. In the UK I’d say the office is a bit more fashion forward, people are taking more risks. Here it’s definitely more low key, I think a lot of us try to reflect and embody the different aspects of the brand.

My most recent wardrobe addition is… I got from Lazy Oaf a pink and blue college oversized  sweatshirt and on the back it says Lazy. I think that in this time of the year it’s all about bomber jackets and sweaters.

My favorite fall staple is… Definitely a bomber. I feel that you can wear a regular outfit with a printed bomber and that instantly makes the outfit super exciting.  

Go-to off duty outfit: I’m so happy that sweats are acceptable to wear because I wear joggers with normally an Adidas or Thrasher logo tee with a bomber. I’m always super casual.  

My personal style mantra is… I’d say it’s kind of a mix of everything, I have a bit of preppy meets street wear.

Jovel Phillips; Social Media Executive, ASOS US


“I’m a hybrid or a style chameleon. My style changes every single day depending on how I feel. I’m a style mood ring!”

On the office dress code: Is Y.O.U. Whatever you are really about, just wear it. Its laid-back, very chill. You really let you personality out.

My most recent wardrobe addition is… The coat I’m wearing right now, I probably don’t need to be wearing it yet because it’s not necessarily fitting temperature wise but, I love it and I’m breaking it out.

Go-to off duty outfit: I’ll say, given that its fall, a good pair of fitted joggers, a nice pair of sneakers, a bomber and either a turtleneck or just a solid tee and maybe a baseball cap or a beanie.

Can’t-miss office look: A lapel blazer with a fitted t-shirt, a nice slim fit trouser and Italian brogues (dark grey silver Dr. Martens). I’m all about a good statement piece!

On adding trends to your wardrobe: Look at a trend and find the few things in there that resonate with your style, don’t try to look like a model on the runway. One of our trends right now is orange jackets so you don’t have to try every single orange jacket, if you like bombers try an orange bomber. Don’t do an all orange outfit. Take things from the runway or a magazine that you like and adapt it to you, that’s the key. Find the things that work with your style the best and bring it to life.

Dan Jenks; Trade Director, ASOS US


“More style, less fashion. I’ll pick out a few pieces that are ‘in’ but, I’m more about timeless pieces.”

On the office dress code: There is no dress code, is very much embracing individual style. In every department you see different styles and what people are into.

Can’t-miss office look: I’d say conservative, very old school probably. I’m quite into autumnal colors like burgundy and dark grey shades.

Favorite accessory to add to any outfit… Watches! I’m probably gonna get the iWatch shortly just to try out but I kinda like the scandinavian ones, like Mondaine.

Most recent trend you’ve tried… I started to fall in the sneaker hole.

I get style inspiration from… I quite like people watching in different cities and just seeing what’s working in different places like Europe or US.

Charlie Wade; Business Development Manager, ASOS US

charlie wade, asos

“If you want to try a new style, just wear it with confidence. It makes a big difference.”

On the office dress code: Is quite similar to the ASOS ethos generally, which is: Wear what you think that makes you look and feel good. Everyone has a different style. I have a quite black and white look with the occasional khaki green or blue. I’m kinda more muted when it comes to color.

My favorite fall staple is… Wearing hoodies, I quite like them with a leather or denim jacket. Otherwise, I have a tweed blazer that I really like wearing as well.

Can’t-miss office look: Suit! Or a pair of chinos with a proper tailor cut shirt, then a blazer and probably suede shoes.

On adding trends to your wardrobe: Even if it’s quite brave, I think people admire it. If you wanna try something a bit different, let’s say silhouette wise like an oversized shirt just wear it with other pieces that you feel comfortable like your favorite jeans, shoes or jacket. Make sure everything fits well, then just go for it and wear it with confidence.

I get style inspiration from… I get inspiration from Pinterest because you can look at so much more in just one go and then to probably a lesser degree, Instagram.



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