Men's Style Madness: Round 1, 3 Vs 14

A Midfielder, a Goaltender, and a Vice-President walk into a bar..

Next round of style face-offs starts NOW!

This tournament is brought to you by the custom menswear experts at IndochinoWhy custom? Because nothing looks or feels like clothing made just for you. Join the ranks of these stylish competitors today.


Bradley Cooper VS Joe Biden


Cooper dates a model so we guess he’s into fashion? With grown out facial hair and a buff bod from his role in American Sniper, he walked the line between classic conservative and rugged outdoorsman, and managed to pull both off with finesse. Off duty in NYC, he can usually be found in his preferred cold-weather combo of work boots and tailored winter coats.


Did you know that when the VP isn’t deciding on important government issues, he’s choosing which blue tie best represents his mood that day? While that’s not entirely true, it’s clear that Mr. Vice Prez understands the importance of a well-tailored suit. And hey, if Leslie “My name just came out of your mouth” Knope likes him, the guy’s gotta be doing something right.



Martin Freeman VS Michael Fassbender


Martin Freeman is probably better know as Bilbo Baggins; thankfully the British actor avoids oversized button ups and Middle-earth appropriate capris when he’s not in Hobbit mode. His character Dr. John Watson on Sherlock is actually pretty well dressed, but not as sharp as Mr. Martin Freeman himself.


We’re familiar with Fassbender’s turns in Inglorious Basterds and Prometheus, and who doesn’t like a man (or robot) in uniform? Off set, he keeps it smart, sharp and slim….just like Freeman. Ooh, this one’s going to be tough!

…Martin or Michael?!


David Beckham VS Henrik Lundqvist


If you’re not up on your fashion-romance history, let us tell you that David Beckham’s style is seen as a bit of a “chicken and egg” scenario. As husband to fashion designer (and former Spice Girl) Victoria Beckham, was she attracted to him because he was stylish OR did she mold him into the style icon he is today? It’s hard to say, but it’s also kind of irrelevant, because he’s doing just fine now, and that’s all that matters in this tournament.


Henrik Lundqvist has a pretty fancy name, and a pretty fancy wardrobe to match. This Swedish hockey player exhibits European flair in his wardrobe, and doesn’t shy away from textures and patterns. Oh, and he’s also really, really into double breasted suit jackets – which we’re into him being into.

Shinguards or skates?


Jay Z VS Victor Cruz


Jay Z aka Sean Carter aka Bey’s bae, is one of the few who pulls off the “all baggy everything” look. Having been featured in a Steal His Look, it’s obvious that here at SG HQ, we appreciate his approach to easy, comfortable style. It’s also worth noting that Jay recently rocked a woman’s top, so maybe he’s thinking about starting his own reverse version of Borrowed From the Boys?


Victor Cruz is known for being a Giant on the field, but he’s also a pretty big when it comes to fashion. He founded his own clothing line with a former teammate, and collaborated with Foot Locker in 2013 on a little something called Cruzday Shoesday. He certainly knows how to keep his white sneakers clean, which is always admirable.

Mr. Carter or Mr. Cruz?